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That Night

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Bastour Greens , a small town, is as tranquil as the river across from it. If you ever visit Bastour Greens, you will feel as if you went back in time. The town is as green as it is named after all. Unfortunately time is a fickle thing. As the saying goes anything can happen any time. Like that the town also got ravaged by undying darkness. The dark adversary will not stop till they reach their goal. Then there is normal people in this town who don't know what is waiting for them. That night where it all started and it continued like a badly written horror film. It took the light out of our ife. But I am not a person to sit around and cry. I will stop it and destroy it even I have to die .

Mystery / Action
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Chapter 1

Suddenly there is a loud deafening sound. It rang out around us causing symphony of vibration. But it was so inhuman and foreign that you will get chills.

20 Minutes Earlier

Bastour Greens, the sleepy little town has not woken up yet. It is still resting and waiting for the sun-shine.But it seems the ray of sun is not going come any time soon. Dark clouds have taken full reign of the sky.
And the air is also heavy with news of upcoming rain.

The town is filled with such greenery that it is named Bastour Greens . Dense deep forests surrounded the town from three sides. And they are standing around in one of such forests.

It is a plain ground where the only thing noticeable is smooth green grass that is covering the ground like a blanket.

The people who are standing there facing each other is divided into two groups of boys, one four people group and another three people group. From the three people group, one person is currently talking to other group with apparent anger in his voice.

" Listen, I am going to warn it for last time. "

He looked to be around 19-20 years old. It is actually funny to watch him as his body and face is both too delicate for threatening. He is typical asian like people around here with fair skin , dark hair and dark eyes.

"Look I get your perspective but you are judging me too harshly without any reason."

His expression is totally opposite of the previous person. Whereas Amon looked completely hostile , he looked terribly afraid.

He could not be older than a high school student. His hair is short and black. He also has dark eyes.

"Shut up! I have told you again and again to stay away from her. I don't even want to see your shadow near her."

" Well I can't do that Amon . You know I love her. "

"I am not a fool Rick, I know your kind of people very well. It seems I gave you too much leeway. "

"Leeway! You are breathing down my neck since day one. I HAVE ENOUGH OF THIS. "

" YOU BASTARD! You dare to raise your voice on me. Today I will break your bones such that you can never walk straight again in yor life. " he growled with an air of superiority.

"Only time will tell who is going to end up as junk. "

"Haa ha you think you idiots can touch me. You probably don't know Ankit and Ronit are both black belts. "

"So what! He is not alone too. We are with him. "

This time it was one of Rick's friend, Serrin. He is the shortest of their group and also the heaviest. His skin is rich with melanin.

"But look at them dude, they both look like WWE wrestlers , well except the delicate guy. It's best to get out of here when we still can. "

"What did you say? " (Amon)

"What are you saying you coward? You are telling us to leave him !" (Serrin)

"I am just saying what is right thing to do in this situation and I am not saying to leave him. Let's just get out of here fast, we should have never come here in the first place. We can take of him later. " (Rudra)

The speaker is tall and thin. His hair is black with strip of blue.As he is not agreed with, he decided to ask the opinion of last person in the group.

"What do you think then Neil ?"

"Your idea is not bad. But if Rick promise me of lunch for one week then I can help him. "

The last person in the group has dark brown hair down to his shoulders and olive skin colour.

"Hey! then you have to give me treat too." (Serrin)

"Neil, Serri, it isn't time to joke around." (Rudra)

"You know very well that I am not joking." (Neil)
Saying that he broke out into laughter.

And they are bickering in their own world without looking at outside situation which is what really expected of them. This is going to get them one day in serious trouble.

"Looks like you will not listen without violence. ", Amon said in a serious tone.

" Yeah so what, I am not afraid of fighting you. " (Rick)

"We will see. "

Neil Pov

After that it was just a unruly and violent fight where we ran towards towards them and met in the middle. In desperation we started throwing punches and kicks where ever we could.

Serrin, standing in front of Rudra, shouted out in suprise from one of the twin's unexpected sharp tackle. On the other side, Rick is relentlessly attacking Amon. And I am trying my best to dodge this demon's impossible hooks as much as I can.

Suddenly there is a loud deafening sound. It rang out around us causing symphony of vibration. But it was so inhuman and foreign that you will get chills.

We are so out of it that we just stood there waiting to hear that sound again. Once certain that the sound would not repeat again, I turned to look at others.

They have varying degrees of expressions. But most of them have one common expression of unadulterated terror. As soon as the fight started it ended.

"That sound, that sound, was... so strage. Ankit Ronit let's get out of here."

Amon did not even wait for his friends just took off towards the town. His friends looked at each other and took off too.

"Wow, what was that? It sounded very mysterious." (Rudra)

" Yes very mysterious but do you know that mysteries are very bad for health. We should go back home now! "( Serrin)

" What! Wait a minute you are the one who said not to be a coward. " (Rudra)

" I am not being coward just realistic. You know very well it could be a dangerous animal or harmful people there. " (Serrin) "What do think our parents will say if they hear about this? What if something happen to us? "

"Yea, we know how responsible you are. And that's why you always got in trouble regardless of where you go." (Rudra)
"Please, stop talking bullshit, I know you even better than your own parents. I know exactly how much you can talk rubbish to get out of the situation. "

"Serri, you think too much, what can happen at most? Besides there is no dangerous animals here. There could be something interesting there or someone could need help. We can't just ignore it. " (Rick)

"Well, I am going to check it out, if interested then come quickly.I don't have time to stand here all day. " (Neil)

"Yeah yeah,we know how busy are you? "

Serrin Pov

And we went towards the direction the sound came from. It was actually not a long distance away.There is bushes and trees everywhere. The area is filled with earthly smell of forest. Light breeze is also blowing giving a sense of calm.

As we were walking Rudra suddenly stopped us. "Wait, here it is! " And he went towards a bush and started searching for something. And he took out a.. a.. alarm clock.

"What is a alarm clock doing there ? " I asked.

"Hehe it is the source of that sound that you heard in the forest.What did you think - it was something paranormal or a mysterious supernatural being?"

"What! You were fooling us the whole time. You could have told us!"
I am so frustrated that I want to break his jaw. He made me creep out so badly.

"Yes bro, it's not funny at all. It scared the crap out of me. " Rick said, pointing his finger at Rudra.

"Well I guess, you should have told them."

"Yeah you could told us.You are such a prick. Then.. one sec, you knew about this Neil, didn't you? "

"Of course, after all it was my alarm clock, you idiot. "

Both Rick and I just stared at Neil , really what a answer, like it solves everything. Hmp! He could have just told us. And I told him so. But they are ignored us. And we just started bickering and then decided to head back home.

"Hey! I was thinking that, wasn't the sound a little weird? And isn't the alarm a little louder than normal?"

"You are thinking too much Neil. It was probably just the surrounding noises, which is why the sound was so strange."

"But the forest was totally silent Ricky."

" You are the one who told us that not to think too much. Besides we are not in a fantasy movie. So stop making big deals of small things. " I said with annoyance clear in my voice.

"Whatever you say, I will still say it was weird."

"Right Dr Neilson!! "

Unfortunately if they were more observant they would have noticed the faint strange light coming from the alarm clock. But the light was so faint that they never noticed it.


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