Rise of the Blood King

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She was just a normal nineteen year old on an outing with her friends to visit another friends club opening, where they were almost drugged. Once warning her friends she warned the door man before sending her friends on there way. She lead her two stalkers to a local cemetery where she knocked them out. But the tables are turned when she is beaten then kidnapped and taken somewhere where she's being showed off like a prize. Not thinking twice she escaped but what she didn't realize was that she caught the attention of a certain King. What will she do when he comes to claim what he believes is his?

Mystery / Horror
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Chapter One


An icy coldness seeped into her skin causing a chill to run down her spine. Her body jerked awake as her eyes snapped open. Pushing herself up, or as close as she could with her hands bound. Leaning her back against the wall she scanned her surroundings. She was in some type of basement. But what made this basement different it has four small rectangle windows that have bars over them and six prison cells with three of them occupied with girls. However there seemed to be something wrong with the girls. She eyed them with suspension.

“Hey, you lot alright?” She called.

None of them answered. Using the wall she walked towards the closets cell. She reached through the bars and touched the shoulder of the closets girl.

“Hey are listening?” She asked.

The girl fell to the ground and lied there. Concerned by this she turned the girl over only to wish she hadn’t. For the girl’s expression scared her. Her eyes are blank as her expression is set in a dreamy look with a serene smile gracing her lips. Shuddering she backed away. She looked towards the other cells seeing the same thing with the other girls. She brought her hands towards her mouth.

“The hell is going on?” She muttered.

A lone tear fell from her eye and rolled down her cheek.


Freezing her head snapped in the direction of the noise. Straining her ears she could hear feet heading in her direction. Moving quickly she went back to her place and lie back upon the ground. Calming her heart and breath she allowed her body to relax as her bangs hid her eyes and waited. She didn’t wait long for the entrance door slammed opened.


Keeping herself from jumping she kept her eyes on the three men that entered her lovely prison. She recognized them. One was the bartender at her friend Jack’s club and the other two, are a pair of twins she fought inside the cemetery. Staying perfectly still as the bartender walked over towards her cell and unlocked the door. He pushed the door open fully and walked over towards her. Crouching down he ran his hands over her body touching her in places that no one has ever touched her before. It took everything in her to not react.

“Hey stop touching her.”

“The hell do you think you’re doing?”

The bartender was jerked from her and sent flying out of her cell. Loud growling filled the air causing a chill of terror to run down her spine. The bartender became cowed.

“Now get out of here.”

The order had the bartender fleeing.

“She deserves better than having that mongrel touching her.” One twin growled.

“She will once we show her to the King before that monster decides to set his claws into her.” The other said.

All conversations stop as the two went about moving all of the girls, with herself included. They were brought upstairs and each was placed in front of a vanity. However she was brought before a different vanity. The twins brought three women towards her.

“She is to be presented as a gift to the King. Make her special.” One twin whispered.

The three women bowed before closing the doors cutting her off from the other room. She was then helped to a bathroom where she’s striped and bathed by the three women. As this was going on she couldn’t help but wonder…

How the hell do I get myself into these situations? She thought.


She sighed from her place at the wheel. She had been volunteered in driving her four friends to the opening of her dear friend Jack’s new club. She was the only one besides Piper who has their driver’s license. But Piper was the only one with a car but considering Piper was home sick in bed and couldn’t make it she was voted the designated driver. Her other friends couldn’t get there license, on the account of Ally being too short, her Irish friend Bonnie refused to get her picture taken and Tifa and Mac didn’t see the point in owning them. Sighing again she listened to her four friends chat about the club and there excitement over being able to get in.

Finally seeing the neon sign she turned down the street and parked the car. The five got out of the car and headed towards the front with her leading them. Stopping before the door man with her right hand shoved into her jean pocket. Upon seeing the five he smiled before stamping the back of their hands.

“Enjoy yourselves ladies.” He told them.

He unclipped the rope and let them through much to the protests of those still waiting. The five went inside and was escorted to their table. They removed their jackets and flagged down a waitress. She placed her chin in her left hand allowing her eyes to leisurely scan the place. Her friend Jack had such great taste with how he decorated the place. A smile graced her face as she spotted him by the DJ booth. Her smile grew as one of her favorite songs began to play ‘Wonderland’ by Natalia Kills.

Multicolored lights flashed over head as couples and groups danced on the floor to the music playing. Getting up from her chair she walked out to the dance floor and began dancing. She closed her eyes as her hips began to move. She soon had everyone following along with her, enjoying their selves. She danced away from anyone that got to close and continued dancing by herself. Once the song ended she headed back to her table still swaying her hips.

“Nice moves dancing queen.” Bonnie said smiling.

“Kris our resident dancing Queen.” Tifa called out.

The younger brunette gave them a smile as she plopped down in her seat releasing a sigh.

Mac smiled at her. “You really love to dance K.”

Kris beamed a smile her way while Ally huffed at her.

Bonnie raised an eyebrow. “I don’t see you trying?”

Tifa tilted her head in thought. “Didn’t she groan check that one guy when she tried to make a figure eight with her hips?”

Mac nearly choked on her drink while Bonnie snorted. Ally glared at the trio with red cheeks. She sat down in her seat staring at the drinks that weren’t there before.

Kris chuckled shaking her head. “I see you guys are already drinking.”

“There club sodas. We’re not hitting anything strong tonight so don’t worry too much.” Tifa told her.

There night carried on with them dancing ever once in a while. She sat with her chin in her hand watching her friends have a good time. Off to the side she saw Ally at the bar talking to the bartender and gesturing to their table. The bartender gave her a wink and began to prepare new drinks. Once the four had returned to the table the bartender appeared with a tray of drinks.

“Your last round is on the house ladies.” He told them.

Tifa, Mac and Bonnie cheered as they accepted there glasses. Kris eyes him as he passed out the glasses. When placing her drink before her he gave her a wink and licked his lips causing her eyebrows to rise at his ballsy move. He picked up the tray and walked back towards the bar. She followed him with her eyes before turning her attention back on the drink. Her dear friend owns this place. He and his trusted knew better than to allow anyone to give her any alcoholic beverage. She had a rule never to except any kind of drink that she or someone she trusted didn’t make. Suddenly Ally stood up.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” She said.

She left without a second thought. Kris watched the shorter woman disappear in the crowd before reappearing across the club towards the entrance. Narrowing her eyes she watched the short female walk out the door without so much as giving them a second glance. This made her suspicious. She turned back towards her friends and stole Mac’s glass.

“Hey I was going to drink that.” Mac protested.

Giving her friend a look, she pulled the glass towards her. She sniffed its contents as she bit back a frown as no odor filled her nose.

“Hey Bon is this supposed to smell like this?” She asked her red haired friend.

The red head turned towards her and accepted the beverage. She inhaled it frowning before placing it down.

“No, why do you ask?” She questioned.

This caught the other two girl’s attention. They placed there mugs down slowly so as not to alarm anyone. Kris felt her instincts screaming at her to get the hell out of there.

How? She thought.

Thinking quickly she grabbed a young woman passing by scantily dressed. With a few whispered words and a fifty she sent the woman towards the bar. Once the woman had the bartender’s attention she grabbed her friend’s drinks and poured the liquid into a nearby plant.

Her Irish friend eyed her.

“They were drugged weren’t they?” She asked.

Giving a slight nod the trio straightened as they were handed back there empty mugs.


“The bartender and Ally.” She stated.

“What makes you say that?” Mac asked.

Kris crossed her arms. “He’s not taken his eyes off us since.”

The trio looked out of the corner of their eyes. And low and behold there stood the bartender staring at them. They grew angry.

“Little bastard.” Bonnie spat.

“Why would she do that?” Tifa asked.

Kris shook her head. “I have no idea but she’s gone and left us here to face whatever the bartender and his friends have in store.”

“What do we do?” Tifa asked.

“Leave as calmly as we can and pretend we don’t suspect a thing.” Kris told them.

The four shared a look before standing up and pulling on their jackets. They left a tip for their waitress before heading towards the front entrance, allowing her three friends to pass her before she paused beside the door man.


The door man froze as she continued on following her friends. Behind her the door man pulled out his phone and shot off a quick text. She stopped before the car and made sure they were fine. But before she could turn to leave a hand grabs her jacket sleeve. She turns back and bends down towards the window.

“Phoenix?” Tifa asked.

The brunette just smiles.

“You guys know what to do.” She said.

“You’ve got three days. If we don’t hear from you were calling.” Bonnie told her.

She smiled at her Irish friend. “I wouldn’t expect anything less.”

“What about you?” Mac asked worried.

Kris smiled gently. “I’ll be fine. I’m more worried about you guys.”

Standing back up she backed away and waved them off before turning on her heel and began to walk. She could sense her two tails behind her. She led them through twists and turns until she finally lead them towards a graveyard. She slid between the iron gates and moved among the grave markers. They followed her until they lost her when she ducked around a corner. They cursed when they lost sight of her. But had they stayed and simply looked up they would have found her lying on her back on top of a mausoleum with her hands behind her head and her eyes closed.

The two men split up and began searching for her. She went after the closest one. She snuck upon and kicked him in the head. He twisted and smacked his head against a tall grave marker. The second one she found whispering his partners name. He came around a corner only to meet her foot and fall backwards. Bringing her leg up she slammed the heel of her foot into his head causing it to hit the ground hard. She snorted at him before continuing on. She made her way towards the back where the back entrance is. However she froze mid step as she felt the air shift around her. She back stepped in time as a foot slammed into where her head had once been causing the grave marker to crack and shatter. A kick to the gut had her falling back against the fence behind her. Through her bangs she watched two identical males stop before her.

Twins? She thought. I’ll have to take care of this quickly.

Pushing upwards she leaned back against the fence and waited. When the twins got within striking distance she struck out. She kicked one in the head then kicked the other in the stomach. She took off as soon as they went down. She made to the back gate and slid out however she was yet again cut off by a kick to the face then a slight pinch to the chest. Confused she looked down only to see a dart sticking out of her chest. She reached for it and removed it before she crumbled to her knees. She lay upon her side as her vision began to blur.

“The boss would sure to be happy with this one.”

The last thing she saw was a pair of headlights with a shadow standing in front.


She was knocked out of her thoughts by one of the women pulling her hair none to gently. Blinking her eyes slightly she refocused her attention on the vanity mirror in front of her. From the tip of her nose to the top of her head is covered by a matte black cat mask with gold lining the eyes. From what she could see she has a little makeup on her eyes making them pop, some blush on her cheeks making them slightly rosy and a pink gloss on her lips. A red gauzy fabric had been attached to the mask hiding her shoulder length wavy brown hair.

Looking down she bit back the curses that wanted to spill from her lips as she took in what they shoved her into. She has a red choker with a ruby in the center, gold embroidery and lace at the edge, a red spaghetti strap tank top with a sweetheart neckline with gold embroidery. The skirt was also red with gold embroidery decorating the piece with a slit on the right side that almost reached her hip. A pair of red shoes with a tiny ruby adorned her feet. All in all she looked like a harem girl.

Hearing foots steps she quickly tilted her head down slightly allowed the mask to shade her eyes. Using the mirror she could see the three women return with the twins. Keeping herself calm she allowed one of the twins to grab her arms and lead her out of the room to meet up with the rest of the young woman. The twins then proceeded to usher them out of the room down the hall and towards a set of double doors. Coming to a stop both twins nodded their heads which signaled the doors opening.

Moving inside they were forced into a line and waited. She could hear hushed conversations all around her. A quick peak showed her a lot of people sitting around eating and drinking. However her attention was soon stolen as a man in all gold stood up and faced towards a throne where a single man sat lounging. His face was hidden by shadows but his eyes were a deep crimson red.

“Your highness I give you the next selection of females. They are not virginal but they will fit any and all your needs.” He said proudly.

She fumed as murmurs broke out.

I’m a virgin pal. There’s no way in hell I’d let you or anyone touch me prick. She thought.

However if she had been paying attention she would have seen the King’s crimson orbs turn in her direction and smirk.

“Take your pick mi lord.” He said.

His sudden voice nearly made her jump. Keeping herself calm even as she wanted to rip off the arm he wrapped around her waist.


She tensed.

“B-b-but mi lord wouldn’t you want one of the others she is hardly pure. In fact I found her on a street corner selling herself.” He stuttered.

You dumb son of a bitch, do you really think he’ll believe you. She thought.

“I’ll take the one dressed in red. Now remove your hands from her.”

She snorted silently which caused all talk to cease. Waiting for as soon as she felt his arm move away she struck. Her right leg shot up and slammed into his face right behind her. Giving her wrists a shake the cuffs fell away. Twisting she used the chain to wrap around his neck giving it a twist…


The sound rang out as his neck gave the hollowed sound. He crumbled to the ground with all life drained from his eyes. It was silent as everyone stared in shock of what had just taken place. No one made any sudden moves until the screaming started. All around the young women dressed like harem girls had snapped out of whatever daze they had been in and started to scream their heads off while trying to run away. Taking the chance she ran disappearing out of the room and down the hall to where she had been before. Entering inside the room she located her things then proceeded to get the hell out of dodge.

Hours later found her outside of a clothing store. Going inside she grabbed several articles of clothing including a back pack. Paying for the stuff she changed in a bathroom. She changed into white baggy t-shirt, blue jean short shorts, a blue pleaded flannel and beige converses. Pulling her hair up into a high pony tail she shoved all of her other clothes besides the red outfit into the back pack she bought. Exiting the bathroom she head for the checkout counter. She looked the owner over before placing the red outfit on the counter.

“I sell this to you for five hundred dollars.” She bargained.

The woman sneered before she grabbed the outfit and looked it over with a critical eye. She looked over it once, twice then a third time before she looked back towards the brunette with greed in her eyes.

“You have yourself a deal kid.”

They shook hands.

“Oh and I was never here. So please erase any and all camera footage of me being here.” She told the owner.

The woman smiled as she handed over the money.

“Anything for you sweetheart.”

With money in her pocket she slung the backpack over her shoulder then turned on her heel and exited out of the shop where she then proceeded to walk towards the nearest crosswalk to hail a cab.

He sat calmly upon his throne sipping wine as his men cleaned up the mess that dead fool had caused. Once they finished and he was alone he turned his head towards his right where someone stood half in the shadows.

“Use any means but find her.” He ordered.

The person bowed.

“Yes your majesty.”

They disappear leaving the man to himself. He held the glass up and swirled the liquid inside before taking a sip. Laughter soon broke out. Closing his eyes as his chuckles slowly died down he took another sip before opening his eyes.

“I can’t wait to meet you little red.” He said.

He smiled baring his sharp pointed fangs.

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