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Iris Greenwood, a young lady who finds herself between two worlds and realizes that someone has been watching over her even during the endless run from Eñok.

Mystery / Fantasy
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The light from the sun struck my eyelids, as well as the radiant energy from the sun swept through my whole body. The sweet sounds of the singing birds was the first thing that hit my ears, it was also responsible for bringing me back from unconsciousness. The seawater crawled upon half of my body as a result of the tropical winds sweeping over it. My eyes were still shot even though I had gained consciousness, not fully, but I was already half conscious, trying to figure out why it was possible to listen to the birds sing across my while I was still in the comfort of my bed... “Maybe they are just on my roof” I thought to myself.
“But…Where is the light coming from?… Did I forget to turn off the light again last night?…huh!”
I squeezed my eyelids tightly at the intensity of the light from the sun that kept striking my eyelids continually.
I turned to the other side as I tried to reach for my pillow, so I could use it to cover my face from the intense sunlight which I had no idea of where it was coming from…?. “Did I also forget to shut the windows?...it's kinda hot in here, I think it's because of the sunlight that must have found a path to follow into my room through the window “.
I opened my palms widely to grab the beautiful pink sheets that was used to coat my pillow, instead, I caught thousands of hot, coarse grains of sand in my hands. The pillow was nowhere near me.

With my eyes still shot, I had imagined several possibilities of having such a large amount of sand particles on my bed.
“ Oh! Yeah… my shoes, maybe I forgot them on the bed last night” I thought to myself as I smiled broadly and wiggled my head. Suddenly, I stopped smiling as another thought came to me.... “but why is half of my body wet? well… I guess it's just sweat and nothing more.”
I started smiling again, with the smile still on my face I decided to pick up my phone from where I usually keep it at the top of the chair which was always beside my bed. I stretched my arm confidently with my eyes closed, because even without opening up my eyes I would still be able to find my phone. My phone is the first thing I go for each time I wake up, every single morning. I thought I was going to get a grip of my phone by taping out my way to it on the chair, the first tap I made didn't fell like my phone in any way neither did it feel like the soft cushion on my chair.
“What's this?…did I just deep my hand into water?” I thought to myself, as I wrinkled the skin that covers my forehead in uncertainty.
“I don't remember keeping anything on the chair last night”
I thought to myself... “but when did I go to bed last night?…well, maybe I came back late after passing through a lot of stress at work and probably didn't know when I slept off” I thought to myself again, but this time I wasn't smiling, it wasn't funny anymore, my eyes wandered beneath my eyelids. For a reason or two, I wasn't satisfied nor pleased with the silly explanation I had made to myself about what was going on around me ever since I woke up… it seemed I was only trying to run from the truth which was not ready to disappear in order to please me.
“It doesn't add up…, it just doesn't add up, not anymore, what's going on? “ I thought to myself as I grew scared and was so afraid to discover where I was, I had realized that I wasn't on my bed after I felt the hotness of the sands that were clinging to my bare skin. I became fully conscious, I opened my eyes, slowly...
“Is this a dream?...where is this place?”
I asked myself as I scanned my whole surrounding roughly with my eyes. I would have been totally freaked out if it wasn't such a beautiful place for the eyes to behold.
“I don't remember ever coming to this place” I thought to myself, I was curious of how I got there, but I also couldn't stop myself from being amazed by the beauty of nature, the combination of the lovely sands, a forest, and the extremely large water body which was surrounded by soil of a very high profile. I remembered everything except for how and when I got there. The last thing I remember was that I took a cup of coffee, dressed up and left for work in the morning...at exactly 7:00. And the surprising fact is that, I don't even remember what happened after I got to work, I don't even remember if I arrived at work, the last thing I remember is that I took a cab, I don't remember working at the office that day or coming back home from work. “Maybe I died in the car, maybe this is heaven”. That was what I thought, although it was a lot to take in, I had no other choice but to accept it.
I hated to leave behind all those things I had out there, and leaving behind the life I lived, but if I could get a place like this in the afterlife, it would be really nice. “ Who says I can't enjoy this beautiful island” I said out loud, as I raised my hands to the air and felt the freedom that was carried along by the air. I stood up from the ground by placing both my palms on the hot grains of sand and pushed myself up. “Wow”. I went straight to the sea which I had been laying at its shore, it was at least 8 steps from where I woke up.

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