The Princess Of Elizabeth

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Apart from The Earth a planet named Arth was divided into two parts Heaven known as Elizabeth and Hell known as Depth. When the king and queen of Elizabeth got a curse to get to two babies but have to live with one...The Eliza daughter if heaven was born and Her twin Hellin daughter of Elizabeth too but to live in Hell. What twist will make in this story will two sisters stand against because of Hell and Heaven wars or something other special ?

Mystery / Humor
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Chapter 1

After a Night when king of Elizabeth Andrew returned to his kingdom after and killing the Hell's king Wicked and winning it. He and everyone there waited for the new baby of Andrew and the queen Stiphi after a several time the cry of baby came , king rushed to room of queen and found a dead baby of his due to the curse dibble master the Power of Arth to him and his wife. Everyone was sad but king went to the mountain where dibble master lives and requested him to return his baby while his and her wife's half life.Dibble master agreed but on the other hand the queen of hell known as badie was now a widow and she also requested to return the future of hell,the new baby to her.Then a great lighting in the sky and clouds running in place to place happened and there Andrew found his new born daughter in his arms and now he named her as Eliza the future of Elizabeth and on the other side Badie found a daughter in her arms too and named her as Hellin the worst great.....
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