IS IT "I" or the "EYE?"

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Everything in Oliver's life is pretty normal despite him being blind, he is able to survive his everyday life with the help of his little brother, Riley. Oliver treasures his brother more than anything in his life, his brother is his eyes. They were living a pretty normal life, warm and simple until he celebrated his 21st birthday. Him and Riley has the same date of birthday but different year. It is the day where he wishes something different than a wish for seeing the world. But little did Oliver knows that his wish will unravel the most unexpected truth he never expects.

Mystery / Thriller
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Some people say I’m crazy, some of them say I’m not normal, some of them say I’m lying, some of them say I just want attention. How about you? What do you think?

It was a Sunday night in November when I first started seeing things I should not. Things I cannot forget, things that haunt me every time I close my eyes, things that I wanted to run as far away from, but don’t worry this is not a horror story. I am not talking about ghosts because believe me, there a lot of things that are scarier than those of cannot be seen by the naked eye.

“You did it, didn’t you?” the detective asked.

“I’m not lying.”

For a second the detective was still, “did you saw it?” he asked.

“No,” all of a sudden his voice sounded so reeling and confused

“I’m blind, officer.”

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