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A story about the RICH, HAPPY FAMILY but the father or I can say the OWNER of SMITH ENTERPRISE. He died in a car accident that ended a huge fight because of a misunderstanding and jealousy in each family member. But the thing is a little girl are with him and she SURVIVE the accident that make her in coma for 4 years luckily she remembers everything that happend. She know that it's not just a accident but a murder.What will happend if she will know who murders her father?and what will happend to her family?what will happend if she will meet the person who also wants to kill who murder her father?

Mystery / Romance
Àpril Joý
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 (year 2002)

~Year 2002~

Dad where are we going? A little girl ask her father curiously

Honey you have to remember everything that happend today okay? Her father said to her with a worry

You see that car at the back?, you have to remember the guy who is driving it. He added make the little girl confused while his father know that they are in a great trouble

In the future if you remember this code 121187 on my vault in underground, read everything and take over my position my lovely daughter okay. He said that make her confuse but still not

Okay papa I promise the weak innocent girl said but then the only thing she remembers that her father unlock his sitbelt and cover her taking all the impact to save his daughter.

The sound of ambulance was heard over the place.One FAMILY are in a hurry to the hospital, because of a worry but the only thing they heard once they enter the waiting room was the dead beat of the heart.The doctor walked outside and said sorry for your loss Mr.smith died in the middle of the operation.

What about my daughter? Where is she?The worried mother said

She's in the ICU we're going to put her in the room after 3 to 4 days.The doctor said and walk out while the family of the girl go strait to the ICU

daughter of SMITH ENTERPRISE owner
A kind, intelligent, loving,Daughter
November 12,1987

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