The Moral Code

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Amy, a journalist who has been bullied her entire life daydreams about the day she can kill all those who made her life miserable, but those are just thoughts right? It’s bloody, it’s sexy, and at times it’s outright weird. Here’s to my darkest work yet. Updates everyday

Mystery / Thriller
Ryan Macharika
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Chapter 1

There is a certain satisfaction that comes in knowing that you are responsible for causing misery in someone’s life. There has to be. Why else would people have enjoyed inflicting it on me? It’s a joy I’m yet to experience, a pleasure I hope to indulge in, and as it may surprise others to hear me say it, I have been thinking about for a long time.

I have sat on the sidelines as people bashed me with their words; cut me down, rip me open and hang me out to dry. You would think after 17 years I have gotten used to it by now, but try cutting yourself every day with a knife and see if it feels any different the next day.

The person they cause isn’t anywhere near as bad as that I cause myself. All the sneers and insults behind my back, and more often than not, in my face, have sort of became the norm. I struggle to believe I’m anything other than a wasted life, a mistake, a curse, not only to myself but to my family.

That would make sense considering I have no child or anyone I love or anyone that loves me. I have made no impact. If I were to die, no one would care; no one would think twice about me, I would just be a name written in sand.

But despite such amounting conviction to just end my life, or to not care if I live or not, I do want to live. I live in the hope that one day I will hold the torch that will make the world burn and I want to be alive to hear them scream.

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