Musings from a jewel thief’s journal

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Acte 2 Field Study

With the help of a pair of fellow students and her obliging sister, she made a test study on the subject by attempting in real life to recreate the scenarios and pointers mentioned in the Phamplette.

Her objective was to add an additional addendum to her now almost complete written thesis for her Criminology Study dissertation.

She had the group stay a weekend at her parent’s lake cottage. Sequestered there she had them read over select paragraphs and then practice various moves using the house and woods as playing fields.

After the weekend all four members of the group agreed to try the maneuvers out in a public situation.

They then selected one of the many formal dance festivals held in Scotland that season as a proving ground.

The Doctoral Candidate and her older sister played the scapegoats, wearing a selection of inexpensive antique rhinestones with their formal evening satin dress.

The two tuxed up male students played the thief, were instructed to use the methods described in the journal/phamplette in attempting to slip off some of the lass’s jewellery.

The only rules were that they were limited to two drinks, and they were not to try their tricks on anyone but the researcher and her sister.

They also were to give the stolen piece back after a successful attempt as not to attract too much notice.

Which they did not, attract notice that is. An outcome that was a bit surprising and gave some credence to what the journal hinted would happen.

People just do not pay much attention to what is going on around them outside their own cluster of friends.

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