Musings from a jewel thief’s journal

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Acte 3 In the Field Part One

The four researchers traveled together in the same auto to the dance but split up before going inside.

The two ladies set off by themselves inside the ballroom to get acclimated, while the lads visited the bar area using that as a starting point.

The first attempt was made as the girls came up to the bar for drinks. The one lad went in, on the two girls’ left side engaging them in conversation.

The researcher’s sister had her right arm on the bar as both girls were looking at the lad on their left talking to them. The other lad moved in on the right then made a play for the diamond bracelet that the sister wore on her right wrist.

The clasp was conveniently located on the side facing him. He reached in, pushed open the box clasp, waited till she moved her wrist, then slipped it off the bar top and pocketed it.

The sister turned to him giggling and said “Nice try mate. Slick but not slick enough. “

Giving back the bracelet, the lads took the girls dancing and the game was fully afoot.

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