Musings from a jewel thief’s journal

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Acte 5 In the Field Part Three

The scales tipped in the “thieves” favour later that evening.

After the two girls had several drinks of wine, they started to become a bit more giddy, flirtatious, and vulnerably less awares.

The scheme worked as the two lads were now able to successfully remove jewels without notice on almost half of their attempts.

Using the tactics, they had studied at the cottage, as well as a few of their own making, the pair had a field day in removing necklaces, bracelets and even a ring from the girls.

One the cuff, observing the girls outside on a bench, half asleep, one lad approached and took one of the ladies back in for a dance.

The other waited in the wings and as soon as the remaining girl dozed off, sat dwon next to her and had a field day delicately removing her jewelery….

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