Musings from a jewel thief’s journal

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Acte 6 Conclusions

The doctoral candidate commented in a later conversation with her college lector that it was surprisingly easy for the two amateur thieves to be successful after a bit of practice (and drinking on the girl’s part). And that as targets, she and her sister would have ended with less jewellery than the pair had started out with that evening.

The girl’s necklaces were the lad’s favourite target piece and the one occasion had been lifted off from her sister without any inkling. Even though both knew it was coming, not even a prickling was felt she spluttered!

Another uncanny part was the number of times the lass’s lifted pieces were not noticed by either girl until it was given back.

She concluded that this journal was no bollocks. The unknown author certainly knew his subject.

Currently, she is almost finished with her work and plans on successfully defending her thesis in about a year.

She also found herself at that time dating so one of the lads who helped her with the “special fieldwork” on the jewellery pickpocketing aspect of her thesis. As of this posting the pair are now engaged to be married.


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