Musings from a jewel thief’s journal

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Acte 7 Pointers

Below are some random outlined guidelines lifted from the phamplette that were used that evening :

-Using a partner can be a great asset, utilized as both a distraction to draw away the victim’s attention and a way to pass off the stolen piece.

-Going in solo is a little trickier, but one does not have to share the proceeds. Especially since the number of items to be safely lifted without causing notice is about the same as with having a partner.

-The Lifting of necklaces is by far the easiest and usually the more valuable pieces to obtain.

-A Lady’s Bracelets, brooches, and rings (covered in later chapters) are a bit more difficult but can be easily quite as valuable as any other bit of Gliss (Jewels). Especially if gloves are being worn.

- Earrings can be taken, usually singly, with an increased chance of just appearing to have been lost, but if both are taken it would have the quite opposite effect once discovered. Recommended only for the most accomplished of Pickpockets.

-Whole Chapters also

went into minute detailing on how to select and approach your subject were also included:

- look for the more expensive material of clothing. Easier to lift from, and the “more valuable the cloth, usually the more valuable the jeweles”

-The methodology over the use of Dance Cards.

-How to tell real jewels from rhinestones

-If Dancing, start at her waist, slowly work you hand up, be very aware if she appears to notice, hence the amount of alcohol consumed is an important factor. Keep her eyes in contact, do not let your gaze drift to her jewels, especially your target!

-Continue the dance, ask her if you can have another a bit later after meeting the gents in the smoking lounge, or suggest going out for fresh aire, a good time to lift a bracelet if the necklace attempt fails.

-When attempting a lift while not dancing, hold her gloved hand and gently caress as you talk, then lift a ring or bracelet as you take her attention else where’s by pointing off.

-A well-executed bit of tickling, especially on the younger lassies, can create several easily undefended advantages!

-Just as advantageous can be a well-timed nudge, bump, or trip along with advantageously placed hands upon a slippery dressed female victim.

-Just as you make the final lift, distract her attention to anything away from her immediate surroundings, point out something for her to look at, taking her mind away from your game!.

-Cardinal rule, do not ever mention her jewels! Keep her mind in the complete opposite directions by compliments on her hair, perfume, and most certainly her dress, but act as if she is wearing no jewels at all, be totally oblivious, and thus be concentrated on the task at hand. If she asks, then take care not to compliment her on any jewellery you may have an eye on.


The phamplette’s author went into quite a bit more detail. But any more was withheld until the study and paper are finished.

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