Gone missing

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A few high school student have gone missing and nobody is doing anything about it . Rose has just moved their with her best friend Lisa and is trying to get to the bottom of it . One day they discover a creature that nobody knows what it is after that the creature starts to hunt them down because nobody is supposed to know what they are

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1 lets begin

I woke up in a mess I could not stop dreaming of a girl that I don't know .Today is my new day of school I need to look good ,I went to shower and brushed my knotty hair , I was gonna wear my black jean with my white tank top I put on a little maekup

I made a cup of coffee and made some breakfast and woke my bestie up , hey wake up what are you gonna wear today , I don't even know what time is it Lisa said it's nearly 8 I replied as I walked back to the kitchen

After thirty minutes of waiting for Lisa we were finally on our way to school 'i cant wait for school girl maybe will make a new friends ' yea whatever you want girl

As we got to school the first thing we noticed was that the place was full of pictures of a girl and that the school was pig I went to the office to get my schedule hi I'm Rose and this is Lisa we are here to collect our rosters .
Oh hi dear yes we were expecting you guys today she handed it to us , looks like we don't have class together see you tonight then we went out separate ways I was completely lost I saw a guy and decided to ask for help
Hi I'm Rose I'm kinda lost here can you help me
When he looked at me that when I noticed he was really sad and his eyes were red from crying Hi yes sorry I'm Luke mm so today no one goes to class because my girlfriend is lost some say she is dead but I'm hoping not and it's been over 1 month they decided to close the case so we are saying bye to her finally
Oh I'm so sorry Luke do you mind if I sit with you to keep company
Sure that would be good he replied
We sat in silence mainly were interupted by the intercom will every student go to the hall to say our final goodbyes
I walked with Luke towards the hall then he sat with his friends and I sat behind him
They said goodbye it was a hour long and I could see she was a real good person
The day was over but my head was wrapped around the fact that she has gone missing and nobody found anything about her but it's time to relax now and I went home
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