Please Come Home

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Chapter 2

I fumbled with my keys in the lock, trying desperately to get in, I felt safer, as though nobody was watching, judging me. Once in I threw my keys into the shallow glass bowl once filled with the clear blue pebbles now scattered on the floor. My heels clicked on the new, spruce wood flooring as I entered the sitting room.

It was a mess. Just how I left it. I half expected to come home to find him sitting on the sofa, beer in hand and Charlie sound asleep in his walker. I half expected to be alone. I glanced at my watch; it was 7:37, as I was late from work.

Kicking off my heels I walked silently into the kitchen where dishes where cluttered to head height, looking me in the eyes. I took of my jacket and hung it on the back of the dining room chair, walking over to the sink to clear up 3 weeks’ worth of crockery.

Half way through drying the last few plates, the doorbell startled me into a jump. I put down the wet plate on a towel and dried my hands, whilst walking nervously to the door. Hands trembling I slide the peeper to the left, putting my eye to the hole; police. Composing myself I open the latch and all three locks to open the door.

“Mrs Ashworth” Pc brooks spoke softly. “There’s been some new evidence to the whereabouts of your husband and son”…

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