Please Come Home

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Chapter 3

Now in the sitting room I sat anxiously between PC Brooks and PC Dawson.

“CCTV footage shows Danny with Charlie checking in to a local hotel in Cornwall” said Dawson, bringing the cup of coffee up to his lips.

PC Brooks soon followed, “The same hotel you stayed in when on Holiday just 6 weeks before the disappearance of your husband and son.

I lifted my hand to my forehead, “That was the last time I saw them, we got home from that holiday on the Saturday and by Monday, he’d gone.”

“Correct” replied PC Dawson putting down his cup on my newly brought glass coffee table.

I never noticed until now, how similar PC Dawson was to Dan. The way he spoke, his unneeded humour at times of sorrow, his blond hair, well kept. He was taller than me, I would say around six foot in his work boots, and his hazel eyes had a hint of blue that would catch the light every now and again, that same light catching my eye. It brought those memories back of the nigh I reported them missing. PC Dawson rested my head on his shoulder, padded with his bullet proof vest, and said “We’ll find them Mrs Ashworth, I’m sure of that.”

“Mrs Ashworth?” PC Brooks prompted, “you were away with the fairies then” he laughed a little bit then asked again the question I presume I missed “Do you have any photographs we can make a few copies of and post around the town?”

I looked to my left, at the cabinet, “urm, yes, yes sorry”.

I stand from the sofa, my head clearly telling me I had moved too fast. When steady I open up the cabinet cupboard where piles of packs of printed photo’s hid away since we moved up here. I took a few, each individually ladled for my peace of mind, ‘The wedding’, ‘Holiday in Tenerife’ and ‘2015 holiday to Cornwall.’

In a cloud of Déjà vu I hold the photo that is also in the frame above my head. Dan holding Charlie at our wedding just 5 months ago. A tear bounced onto Charlie’s face and almost looked like Charlie was sad. PC Dawson’s hand was on my back, warm and comforting.

“May I take these photo’s you have picked”?

Without a word I handed over the photos in hand. I wiped my tear away frantically and smiled “yes, yes sorry, I don’t know what came over me”. I turn to put the packs back “I’m usually bright, and smiley and positive” I give a slight giggle to conclude my performance to them both.

“We appreciate your time Rebecca” Pc Brooks spoke as they followed me to the door.

“Oh that’s no problem.” I replied, keeping my smile.

Pc Dawson looked me in the eyes, studying me very carefully. He smiled, “we really do.”…

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