Please Come Home

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Chapter 4

“Crap” I call out looking at the time. “I’m late for work. Frantically I run into the bathroom, trying to brush my teeth, getting changed and do my hair all at the same time, breakfast not even crossing my mind. Once presentable I take two stairs at a time into the kitchen, and pop out my morning tablets with some left over orange juice and vodka from last night’s heartache. I noticed I still hadn’t finished cleaning up too.

I grabbed my car keys and set out for work, driving a little faster than usual in an attempt to get a 10 minute journey over in two. The car felt somewhat, empty, and with every glance in the mirror I see Charlie’s car seat.

Sitting at my desk, all eyes were on me. The whispering is patronizing, yet the silence was sinister. Sophie sat in the cubical next to me, not breathing a word compared to the staff questioning themselves “why has she come in?”, “I wonder if there’s any news”, “she’s looking a little rough”, “has she lost weight”?

I stood up and walked into the bathroom, slamming the door and breaking the silence of staff. I sat quietly in the toilet, trying to keep my tears from flowing and ruining the makeup I made the effort to apply. Hearing the bathroom door open and close again, I wipe my eyes and flush the chain, checking my appearance within the mirror in my bag. Looking down I see the person standing outside’s shoes. They were not women’s shoes. They were men’s…

“Rebecca? Come on, come out the bathroom.”

I’ve heard that voice before. It was PC Dawson’s voice. Soft, sweet, calm. I unlocked the door and stayed inside the cubical, looking at the floor.

“What are you doing here?” I ask softly.

“We need you to take a look at some footage" He replies.

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