Please Come Home

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Chapter 5

Upon the footage it showed my Husband and my son in a Black Mercedes Smart car, the boot full to the brim with clothes. It made me smile to see Charlie singing along to something on the radio, but something didn’t look quite right. PC Brooks paused the tape.

“Do you notice anything different Mrs Ashworth?”

My gaze is fixed on the still image of the two boys, my mind confused as to what it is that I need to be looking at.

“I can’t put my finger on it” I replied.

Chief Superintendent Martin James zoomed in slightly on the image in front of me, instantly revealing the details I was expected to see. Charlie was not singing in the car. He had a blindfold across his eyes and seemed to be crying.

I sank to my knees and began to cry. That was my little boy. I looked at PC Brooks and spoke with a tone I hadn’t heard myself speak in before.

“You had better bloody find them!” I got up and walked out the door, “before I find them for you and you have a bigger problem on your hands”, I say opening the door and storming out to my car like bad weather.

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