Please Come Home

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Chapter 7

Taking triple the amount of pills I was supposed to, knocked me out cold. I didn’t awake again until 2 o’clock in the afternoon, when I heard banging on the door. I pulled myself up and slipped on a bath robe, the black silk cold on my skin. I walk downstairs, undoing each lock one by one as I peep through the eye hole. Police.

“It never ends.” I whisper as I open the door, where PC Dawson is stood in front of me.

“Mrs Ashworth, I was starting to get worried, you hadn’t answered the door and you weren’t picking up your phone” he spoke as if it was a question.

“Well I took my sleeping pills so I was out cold, I-I’m sorry you weren’t able to get hold of me” I reply rubbing my eyes, catching sleepy dust on the corner.

“That’s no problem” Dawson added, “May I come in”? He said.

“Sure”. I gestured him in, “just excuse me for a minute while I get changed and make myself look alive” I add with a half-smile.

I pulled on some leggings and one of Dan’s old jumpers on. It smelt of him, it gave me hope but hurt me all at the same time. I fixed my hair, and went back downstairs, where PC Dawson was looking at family photos on the wall. I noticed a smashed one on the floor. “That was three days after my wedding”. I appeared to have made Dawson jump as he seemed to have flinched.

He smiled “I see. You all seemed so happy. It’s always a shame to have these kinds of cases.”

I walked to the kitchen, “brew?” I asked.

“That’d be great, 1 sugar not too much milk.” Just how Dan had liked it.

“Just go away” I said to whomever was in my head. “Please.”

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