Please Come Home

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Chapter 9

Lying in bed, for what felt like the hundredth time, the doorbell sang its sweet chime. I got up and pulled on my bath robe again, as I unlocked the door and pulled at the slightly stiff handle. As I looked upon him I fell to my knees in disbelief. Why? What had changed in a matter of 3 weeks? My heart was beating, ripping my chest open like hyenas on fresh meat. I scream, “I hate you! I hate you..! Get away from me!”

Then with a gentle shake on my shoulder, I wake to find PC Dawson towering over me, a worried expression on his face. Sweat pouring off of me, tears down my eyes I look at him.

“That was quite the dream Mrs Ashworth” he says lightly with a glimpse of humour. “It’s over now, you’re alright” he adds with a soothing hand. “You’re alright”.

“How did you get in here?” I say my breathing unsteady and heavy.

“Never mind that” he replies as he takes a seat at the end of my bed. I pull the quilt up to cover me – only sleeping in an underwear set.

He smiles at me, a familiar tone to his voice, “You’re a pretty girl…do you know that?”

“Thank you, I, I mean I’m not in the morning but, with a bit of a brush up yes” I reply.

Dawson stands and makes his way downstairs, “tea?” he shouts.

“Yes… two sugars.” I shout back as I rub my eyes before mumbling “and an explanation as to why you’re in my house, watching me sleep.”

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