Ghost Connection

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Noel was always a pushover when It comes to her friend Anna. Anna "convinced" Noel to come with her in the Lone manor, where a family died. The deeper they go into the manor Anna started to act inhuman and just outside is an endless maze, with her only clue to get out is a girl that somehow knows her name.

Mystery / Horror
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Chapters One

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" I said to Anna with concern. We were at an abandoned manor, all the lights were broken and the wooden floors were weak, I was surprised that it even held up our weight. We were at the entrance and the hallways were nearly endless.

"Of course, we have to prove that the ghost of April Lone is real!" Anna said with determination. We both had our flashlights in hand and I have a huge book bag full of all sorts of stuff, you never know what might happen.

"Are you sure it wasn't just your imagination?" I say with a rise eyebrow.

"Ha-ha, very funny and you still don't believe in ghosts!" She says a little offended. I could hear the hurt in her voice. I fell guilty for making her feel that way.

"Okay, I believe you," I whisper.

"Good! Now let's go!" Anna marches forward and I reluctantly follow her. "Rumors say if you tell April your name, you get possessed by her," I was shock about that and Anna notices my distress. "Don't worry, I'll protect you."

"From a ghost?! You can't touch them remember!"

"I have a few tricks up my sleeve." Anna grins.

"So, who is this April Lone anyway?"

"Her." Anna points at a picture of a blonde hair girl around our age. She was wearing a crimson dress, have blue ocean eyes and pale skin. She was beautiful and I couldn't take my eyes off her. Somehow I managed to walk away from the hypnotizing self portrait. I look back at Anna and her eyes were glue to the painting. She slowly walks to me.

"You okay?" I ask worryingly.


"I said if you were okay?"

"Oh, yeah." Anna nods "So, we're just going to take a few pictures then leave."

"If we don't get killed." I snap back.

"We aren't going to die!" Anna joked.

"Not by a ghost but some crazy sicko!"

"No killer would show up here."

After a long walk down the hall. We arrive at a kitchen, there were broken cabinets with spider webs inside. I was sneezing up a storm due to the abundant amount of dust. There was a joined room, dining room. Inside were a long tablet with a white cloth, the cloth was so dirty that it was brown.

"I guess we'll be having dust for dinner today." I joke and Anna chuckles. She opens up the fridge inside were a whole family of flies. "And our roommates ate all the remaining food."

"And they didn't pay the rent while we were gone!" Anna jokes along with me. We laugh in harmony


"Alright, that was weird."

"It could be the ghost let's check it out!"

Before I could say anything, Anna ran up stairs at top speed, I was alone in the dining room.

"Anna!" I shout but there was no response. I was getting nervous and I shout her name again. "Annnnaaa! Where are you! Say something!" My heart begins to jumps, what if something happened to her? I took out my phone to text mom.

I'm going to be late If I'm not back by midnight just call me. Love U.

I turn off my phone to conserve my battery's power. I went upstairs to go look for Anna. There was another hallway but this time there was purple wallpaper, that was so old that it was sliding off the walls. Three doors were there, I went inside the closest door. Inside was a room filled with brooms and dustpans. There were plenty of books in the bookshelf, pots of dead plants and seed packets. I pull out a book from the shelf, the books were about plants. Another book was laying on the bed and caught my attention. It has a black cover and says "Mora's diary." in golden font. I open it to the last page.

Dear, diary

Don't tell her your name. -Mora

I close the diary and put it inside my book bag. I was ready to leave until I saw Anna at the doorway.


Before I could say anything she closes the door.


[A/N: I hope you like my story! Any constructive criticisms are welcomed! Also! I just wanted to thank @moimoi_chan for making the cover and go support her!]

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