Metatron's Story

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T h e L i g h t

Where there was no Light before a torch now burned.
And if a far distant viewer had been gazing into the Nothing it would have appeared as if all had changed in just a twinkling of an eye.

The void was vast now.
With the Center at its core pulling in more Ethereals as the seconds ticked away.

It died and was reborn instantaneously.

The Ethereals that were struggling now against the pull called it the Mass

and then it was
seen that the
Center was set
upon by the Void
that now
surrounded it.

In creating itself the Center had also created its opposite.
Pressures slowed the movement to the Center.


In the Beginning the space was not void, it was full.
It was dispersed.

There was wholeness.

There was equality.

Then came the question.

Then came the Call.

Then came the Fall.

The Void we now call space was now enacting its own effect on the Center. A far greater effect than the Ethereals had exerted when they filled the Nothing.

The Void had a power that encircled and squeezed and did not relent, could not relent.

For the Void has no power of its own but has only the power that others

bestow upon it.

By their absence.

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