The unsolved murder.

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The murder of a Crescent Moon teen girl sends the four Neighboring districts in to a Tizzy and it's up to Detective Songer and his team to fine out who killed this teen and why. Will Detective Songer and his team figure this out before more blood is shed or will this be another cold case?

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1: The body.

It started as a splash. The cold water surrounding me, filling my lungs as I was sinking. Below me, strands of crimson red seems to float around me; my body falling deeper and deeper in the black cold abyss. Bubbles floating out of my nose and mouth. My eyes, once bright and filled with life, now slowly losing their glow as if someone were blowing on an ember from a lit flame. My dark brown hair flowed with the currents, my fair skin was turning red from the cold icy December water. My thick black winter coat was losing its filling, stuffing floating to the surface above. My gaze followed it. I stair up at the black shadowy blob that had shot me and pushed me over the bridge between Yokeshire Av. and Elm Dr. There were two street lamps that lit the bridge up on dark cold nights like this, but the tale that tells one lamp will be forever no long lit.

The smell of fresh blood and the sounds of gun shot rang out threw our quiet sleepy town; Crescent Moon. The red and blue lights flashing cutting threw the night as the sirens wakes the sleeping town in the early morning. I was standing in the same spot that the victim was standing, sipping on my coffee. I hate how cold it is this early in the morning. I was called in to look and determined what happened to this girl. I hoped my hunch is wrong on this but sometimes your gut feeling was stronger then your logic. This feeling that was nagging at me, making me question so many thing, and why they’d happened. Some questions I still didn’t have the answers for and some were to hard to bear. “Detective Songer, we’ve IDed the teen, her name is Briar Woods. she was a high school student at Crescent Moon Academy,” said an officer. I looked at the ID and saw that she was in tenth grade, given the color of her ID. I don’t understand what was she doing out way past curfew on a Tuesday night. In her school uniform no less. Shouldn’t she have been in bed or studying for a test? More questions to keep my mind buzzing. “Good work officer Mason, have the divers found anything else?” I said, finishing the last drop of my coffee. I looked at the body bag that had ‘Briar’ in it. “No, Sir they haven’t. I think we should head back to the station and figure out what happened,” said Officer Mason. I threw my empty cup away, and pulled out a glove. I put it on to lift the trash lid to see if the perpetrator had left any clues on how to find them or who they may have been, but there was no luck. The cans around here get cleaned every Monday night, so that no wild animals could make a mess or get stuck in something that they shouldn’t be in. The can was bear. Nothing but my cup that I’d thrown away was in there. I sighed in annoyance and put the lid back on the trash can. I walked along the bridge to the other side to clear my mind. The other officers packed up and went backed to the station to run tests and look threw the evidence for clues or a hope for a lead on what went down on this bridge last night. The puzzles pieces seems to excite me. Now I know, this sounds wrong to say, but I’m a man of logic. Putting puzzles together is my forte. But this one in particular seemed a bit different. I couldn’t put my finger on it but I have a feeling our sleepy little towns will be going though lock down if we don’t fine who did this to Briar Woods.

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