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Puberty to many is a transition, a change from one stage of life to another. To Olivia, this change was almost palpable. Her life changed from the very moment she began to develop small lumps on her chest. The once pleasant childhood she had was now stolen from her, her innocence shattered just as much as her heart was. So she did what any young, confused, angry and broken 16 year old could, she ran. But what becomes of Olivia when her naivety lands her in a place no better from the one she escaped. A journey of a broken soul.

Mystery / Romance
Starr Wilson
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It took every ounce of her strength to make it out of the airport. She stumbled on her feet and whimpered as the pain cut through her. It was bright outside, but unlike in the airport no one paid her any mind. She was glad to be away from the questioning stares of people around her. It was cold and she had no idea how to get home or where home was to begin with. All she had with her was an envelope containing the scribbled down address, keys and some cash.
She wanted to be afraid, to question if she was yet again falling into another trap, if life hadn't tired of making constant jokes at her. She'd seen and been through too much to fall for the same old trick again, yet she couldn't work up the energy to see beyond the pain that seemed to want to cut her in half. And she realized she didn't care anymore, didn't have the strength to fight anymore, she was battered and exhausted. She jerked out of her thoughts at the sound of a car horn and the rash movement tore through her thighs. She clenched her teeth in pain leaning on a car at the curb, she let the pain wash over her and waited for the dizziness to pass. She was sweating now and struggled to keep her veil back in place. She needed to find a cab to take her to the new address.

* * * *
Maria huffed as she walked to her car, leave it to Stephanie to make her spend her day waiting at the airport for nothing. There was no way she was coming back to pick her up tomorrow, she'd just have to take a taxi. Maria stopped midstep as she noticed the stranger leaning on her car. Her first thought was a car thief, she looked around her, although it was really late there were a few persons around "who stole a car in such an opened place anyway" She thought.
However, as she looked closely she noticed this person wasn't trying to steal but seemed to be hanging for dear life. Her heart tugged at her, the woman in front of her was small, something about her seemed so fragile. She had a veil covering her face so Maria couldn't get a good look at her. She got in the car yet the woman hadn't moved, she was rather oblivious to what was happening around her and Maria didn't have it in her heart to drive off or send her away. Winding the glass down she asked her to come in but got no reply. Sighing she got down and went to the woman still leaning on her car clutching the veil around her face and holding on to an envelope. She said a silent prayer hoping she didn't get into any trouble.
"Hello, you need any help" she got nothing in return.
"Sorry to bother you but I really have to go, you waiting for someone?" Still all she got was silence. She noticed her breathing was forced and Olivia made an animal like sound, she was really thirsty. Maria looked around them, no one was coming their direction, no one even bothered to look at them. Quickly made her decision, holding on to the little woman with one hand and using the other hand she opened the car door and helped her into the car.
"Common I'll get you home" Huffing at the surprising weight of someone who looked so small, she got into the car.
Olivia shifted in the seat to get a little comfort and take the pressure off her injuries. She knew she was moving but had no idea as to where and who was moving her. "Talk about déjà vu" she thought. She heard a voice asking for her address to take her home.
"Home?" She thought with a bitterness, she'd never had one. She couldn't find the strength to fight the darkness anymore so she gave up and leaned into it. Slowly she slipped out of consciousness.
Maria gave up on asking for an address or asking any questions at all. The person beside was in no place to answer any at all. She wondered who she was? what she was doing at the airport? Was she going on a journey or returning from on? and without a luggage or even a small ba? Why did she keep holding on so tight to that vei? Why was she covering her face? was she hiding from something or someon? She eased the car into her family's driveway. She took a deep breath as she yelled her brother's name, he was going to give it to her for bringing a complete stranger home that's for sure.

Zach cringed as he heard his sister's voice. He should have left earlier, that would have prevented him from having to spend any time at all with Stephanie. The woman gave him the creeps and now he wondered just how stupid he was to think they could be together.
"What do you need?" He asked his sister with a neutral look.
However what she pointed out was totally different from Stephanie. A small person was wrapped up, sitting at the passenger seat of her car. He frowned and turned to his sister who was shifting her weight from one feet to another. It dawned on him what she'd done and he glared at her.
"Maria-Rose who the hell is that?" His voice boomed.
Clearing her throat "its a long story and I promise I'd tell you all about it, could you please help me take her in, please"
"No, not until you tell me who she is, is it even a she, did you bring another stranger home? We've talked about this you can't just go around picking up people from the street, you never know...."
She rolled her eyes, leave to her brother to begin a lecture while she stayed outside freezing her ass.
"Look you could help me get her in, and I'll tell you all I know or I'll do it myself and make sure to break a bone or two while at it. She is pretty heavy, which is it going to be big brother" she hid a smile knowing fully well Zach would not leave to do it, their parents would have his head on a platter.
Clenching his teeth, he eyed his sister before carrying the girl out. She made a sound but didn't move. He couldn't see her face as it was covered.
"I'm listening"
"Okay, so I got to the airport to pick Stephanie up after class, after waiting for about three hours, three fucking hours, she calls to say the flight's been canceled and she can't make it until tomorrow. She probably thinks I'll pick her up tomorrow, she's so taking a taxi"
Zach sighed as he eased the girl into the bed and she immediately rolled to her side with her face still covered, all of her was covered, maybe she was trying to protect herself from the cold. He didn't know but something about her didn't sit right with him.
"Back to the girl, Maria" he said with all the patience he could muster. She had a knack for getting distracted, makes him wonder how she ever made it to medical school.
"Right, On my way out, there she was leaning on my car and she seemed so helpless, I couldn't help but try to assist. When she couldn't tell me her address.. "
"You brought her home" he completed "Wow, I thought we were way past this Maria, people are dangerous, she could have been a thief, you could have gotten hurt"
"Bring your voice down, you'll wake her" Maria hushed him. They both turned to the girl on the bed who was making incorrigible sounds.
"You can have at me tomorrow, I promise but its late and I'm sleepy so let's leave this liplashing for next time, shall we" without waiting for a reply she backed away to her room. Zach was exasperated but he knew his sister, she was too much like their mom but he feared she'd end up getting hurt. He wasn't going to let that happen again.
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