Under the Bakula Blossoms

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Sometimes, what defines love for everyone else may not be our way. But love always finds it's way. Today, she walked down the same lane, after a very long time. The Bakula still stands there, just more green than before. She always told him, "I don't want to love you like the roses, they wilt away and take their fragrance away . I want to love you like the Bakula. I want my fragrance to stay even after I fade away." The lane used to look so happy with their kid hopping around. Even the road seemed so aged today without the little Robins and sparrow. " It has been a long time now " She saw him standing there , by the porch still holding the coffee mug. Just the table had gone as if it wasn't there. Maybe she was forgotten. The radio still played their favourite song "Tumse milke jaana, Kitni tanha thi main tere bin. Pal pal kaisi hulchul Zindagi Mein Hai ab raat din" Yet his life seemed to have stopped and aged in the same moment. He had aged too, wrinkles and salt pepper hair. May she held her breath for longer than she anticipated. Maybe his life stopped when her heart did. But the question stands. What had happened that weary night that changed everything for Neeti. Neeti must find out. For herself, for Ari and for Muskan. She must solve the mystery for the love of her life. Will her love make it possible.? Will love find its way back in Ari ? Will Ari ever be

Mystery / Horror
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Chapter One

Neeti woke up a little startled. Everything was way too bright than usual. She rubbed her eyes as she tried to figure out where she was. Blurred vision made it difficult to understand anything . Place, though unfamiliar, seemed to be familiar. As if her soul knew about it. As if, she has been there all her life.
Weirdly, she felt a little lightweight. Not exhausted but just light. Her mind noting every small detail her self felt.

As her vision started to unblurr, she looked around again, She must have been lying around here for quite a time. She was practically nowhere. Barren lands all around her. She seemed to have ventured way to far. But that was impossible. She never did that. She turned around. She was lying in front of a shabby bungalow. An abandoned place perhaps. She got up to explore a bit. She wanted to get home as soon as possible. She had no memories of last night. Was it night, or perhaps day. She looked down to dust her pants off. In black jeans, black tank top and beige brown leather jacket, she looked like some actress in a action thriller. Even her figure gave off an aura of a bold actress.her hair were disheveled. She dusted herself of and tried to put her hair in place and tied here bun. She looked around for her bag.

After searching for a while, she got little confused. She couldn't remember how her bag looked.
"Funny, really. Which idiot forgets how her bag looks." She got inside the bungalow with a hope of finding her bag or her phone or maybe just a phone. Or some address book, so that she could figure out where in the hell she was. Right now, all she felt was frustration.
She had to call home. Everyone must be worried. They might have started searching for her. She twisted the rusted doorknob. Before she could blink her eyes, she was inside the bungalow.
"Weird. The front door is open. No locks. Place is abandoned. How did I end up here? I don't even drink."
The place had a negative vibe to it. It made her cringe in a scary way. Partially horrified, Neeti started to search for a telephone.
"Finding a cellphone would be difficult. I don't think the owner can afford one. I wish he could afford a renovation. This shack desperately needs one."
But she couldn't find anything. Neither her bag or her cell phone. She looked around the bungalow. The sofa had sheets on it. The tables were covered too. As she stood in the middle of the hall, she realised the place was grand. Behind the couch, there was a staircase that led to a floor and maybe a terrace too. Staircase was made up ofarble and had intricate designs on the railings. Although everything was covered in dust, one could say that the place was made with perfection and precision. Even the carvings were extremely perfect. There were cobwebs all over the place.
She went near the staircase to climb up, but saw a archway hidden behind it. She climbed down to enter the arch way. It was entrance to library, grand library. A lot of books were arranged in the shelves that covered the room in all directions. In the centre, a mahogany table was placed. Although it was covered with a white sheet, the legs gave peek into the grandeur of the furnishings. Behind the table a beautiful painting hung on the Or maybe she thought it was beautiful. Everything about the bungalow had a royal elegance to it. The books seemed to be from all the ages. Old ones, new one all arranged with same care. However everything was covered in dust. The cobwebs covered most part off the ceiling.
Neeti walked out of the library. She decided to look around more. Outside the kitchen, was a a huge cupboard. The crockery was in well kept condition. One may confuse the place with an Earl's mansion. Niti went inside the kitchen. The kitchen was used huge. The counter was made of marble. Suddenly Niti realised everything was made up of marble. She sat down and understood the marble was of excellent quality. She stood up and looked around. On one side was huge dini table. Looking at the legs one could say the table was made up of Rosewood.
" the owner must be filthy rich. The man definitely knows how to spend money."
She looked around to find a tap. However, she couldn't turn it on.
"Must be rusty."
As she tried to find her belongings, she kept muttering to herself, mostly scolding herself for being so lost. Suddenly, she realised that she was trespassing someone's property.
" I should leave,before someone finds me out. Most likely, no one will turn up here., but I know how well my luck plays. So earlier I leave, the better it would be."
After quite a long time, when she couldn't find her bag or anything else that belonged to her, she left the room. She was quite bit worried about what she was about to do.
" I feel absolutely clueless. "

After giving some thought, she decided that she would start walking in one direction. That way she would reach some place. From there she could easily trace her way back home.
She started to walk away, praying, soon she would reach home. Till then, she would not think about how she reached there.

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