He Lives in My Dreams

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The story of my 17 year old cousin who took his life. He is gone too soon, yet with me all the time.

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His Life

I wake up sometimes after falling asleep because I see him in my dreams. He takes me places I have never been. He once took me to a place with a lot of trees and grass. He took me to the tree that he wanted to carve his initials in, along with his girlfriends. He said he could not finishing carving the initials into the tree because his knife broke. I asked his girlfriend about this and she verified it was true. How do I see him? What is our strong connection? We are cousins but in another life, I believe he was supposed to be my twin brother. I believe he was supposed to be my mother's son.

He would be loved and alive. I have always been open and believed in spirits and ghosts, the afterlife? I do not know exactly what to call it. I asked him if he could move on and he said no. He said he doesn't see this light or tunnel that people talk about. He goes to see our grandparents at times and he meets people. He met a young, slender woman with light brown hair and delicate features. She was in the medical field. He tells me things about people. He takes me into peoples houses. Sometimes I tell him, I should not be there because I feel strange like I am snooping.

My 17 year old cousin took his own life and the day it happened I was working and got a phone call. I also instantly had severe head pain. It was like I could feel it. I could feel what happened to him. It was almost as if I was there.

I was at work but I knew that we had to get to him as soon as I left work. He kept telling me you won't see me anymore on Sunday. He was taken on Sunday and his parents decided to have his organs donated.

It broke my heart, it was horrible seeing him in a hospital bed knowing he felt he had no one. It was the worst feeling in the world.

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