Lady of the Sea

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The Curse on Undine

Seeing the ring made Heinz laugh, the girl was indeed something he had thought reading the first note, but when he read the encrypted one after decoding it, he was fuming.

“He know!” Heinz grinded his teeth in pure anger, but a smirk graced his features as he realized his brother knew only something, not that he was specifically involved.

“Tell me where’d my brother go?” He ordered.

“We put a tracker on his phone, he’s still at the house.”

“He’s not an idiot! What about the phone in his car?” As the two geniuses quickly traced the other phone, they seemed to question whether their trackers were working right.

“Showing that he’s at the airport?”

“Can’t be! Use his car’s GPS system to track his movement s for the last month; I need to make sure of something.” Heinz hissed.

“It has been disconnected for the last three months, only connected an hour ago. Coordinates showing he was at his house. He’s driving north.

“Got you! Thought you could fool me…” Heinz shrugged, to think his brother could think up such a plan.

“Aren’t we going after him? He knows where that thief is!”

“No don’t worry, I know where he’s going. He is smart, but not always bright. I’ll meet up with him tomorrow night.” Heinz said casually leaning back in his chair.

“So how much can we sell the pearls for on the black-market?”

“On average around 2000 US dollar a pearl, if the quality is good and of course the type of pearl.”

“Of course! Contact our dealer, let him know our product to organize an appraisal and get the details to the potential buyers.”

That was the confidence of thugs like Heinz, who thought that they knew everything…

As the sun’s first rays blessed the horizon, Darwin was slowly starting for a bit more at ease. If someone did follow, if those buffoons were really smart enough to keep a back-up watch on them, they would have been on them by now he adjusted his heading to north having traveled in a south-western direction since they left dock. Glad to have kept his paper works in order for travel and having gotten Missy’s in order as well, despite Pearl’s strict instructions to keep her little sister out of the ocean.

It was one of the, continues, counting mysteries that were arising around Missy and Pearl and who they were. When he saw Pearl for the first time singing on the rock laughing with Delian he never imagined his brother returning to crime after stealing the girl’s stone from under her nose, after telling his brother about her nor, did he imagine that when she asked for his help she wanted him to take care of her ‘orphaned’ sister who turned out to be his and his brother’s mentor when they started surfing and enjoyed the thrill of living the surfers life until the man met his wife and his brother getting a ‘job’. They stayed close but he… Darwin just couldn’t free himself from life at sea, until starting his duty to be the girl’s guardian.

Now he was back at sea, only to get same place safe for a while, what he wasn’t expecting though…

He could hear Gemz barking below deck from where Missy was sleeping before he noted the sun’s rays turning to a shade of green with a red-ish ominous hue around it and the sea seemed to cry in respond to the rising sun… Stalling the boat’s engines Darwin made his way down to Missy, only to see her locket shine a bright blinding light that seemed to seep into Missy.

“And because you brought her out to sea, she’s cursed now because of you.” A voice spoke from behind Darwin.

“Pearl! Delian! What do you mean cursed?”

“She won’t be able to go home, ever!”

“No! There has to be some why to undo it?”

“There is, but no one has ever been able to do it… She’ll die if she tries.” Pearl’s tears were stinging her eyes, she never wanted Missy to lose any part of herself, not Human nor Undine.


“If the land and the sky loves her as much as the sea does it will help her return to the sea. But everyone that has ever tried to find out how to get the land’s love as well as the sky’s has died… Even those that were born to the sea and ended up being cursed, because they allowed to be tempted to going to land before their day of Rites, have died drowning trying to force themselves to return home…” Delian explained allowing Pearl to lean on him for support. He continued on telling about the tale of Mer, Ciel and Terre and of Naiad and Gaia and how the ‘Monsters’ came to be…

Mer would always send gifts to Ciel, but because they could never be together Mer’s gifts would always return to her in showers. Terre though fell in love with Mer and tried to gift her with gifts of his own, but when he saw that his love would never be returned became jealous and cursed Mer when she stepped on his terrain to try and somehow reach Ciel just as Ciel would try and reach out to Mer, though always in vein as they were as different as day is to night. Believing that Mer would come to love him, he had to bare to see her light that he fell in love with fade away.

Having bared Terre’s children, they too were cursed unable to return home. He watched as Mer’s light diminished to a husk, growing weak after giving birth to his fourth daughter. Not being able to see her longing home, he allowed her to return home going with her to see to that she arrived safely. It was where he watched over her as she died because of the curse. He mourned her death and his tears salted the waters of his land, but ended up giving Mer’s soul life again to become the sea, which flooded her homeland. Returning home to continue raising Naiad, his youngest daughter and child, he came to love her deeply, more so than any of his other daughters and sons an so when Naiad fell in love with Sol; Terre could not bare to keep them apart as he had done with Mer and Ciel. Loving his daughter as much as he did, he allowed her to meet Sol at sea, warning her though of the curse and that she must not try to go out too far or go to deep to reach her mother’s home. When Sol betrayed her for her eldest sister though, she became desperate, wanting to speak to her mother she jumped into the sea and tried to swim, nearly drowning, but was saved by Terre’s brother’s youngest son, Gaia.

Feeling sorry for her he tried to cheer her up, but all she wanted was to go home, to her mother. Pleading with his uncle to undo the curse, Terre told him that if he knew how to undo the curse he would not have lost Mer and the sea would not have had to divide him and his brothers to try and bring her back. Gaia was not about to give up. Heading to the far north to where Ciel had helped Terre build a monument, one of two, for Mer to meet with Ciel in spirit on the winter solstice. There Ciel waited for Mer as winter would finally come. Hearing about the girl’s sorrow Ciel gave Gaia the first Scale of Winter that he splintered into half one for Gaia to join the girl to go see her mother. It was only a temporarily means to ward away the curse.

Returning home he found Naiad staring out to sea to where she and Sol used to meet and her eldest sister now where toying around with Sol. Giving her half of Winter’s first Scale he told her that Ciel said with it she could return home only for a short while, but had to be back on land before the summer solstice, because the Scale would melt. With haste they headed out to sea and jumped into the depths where at the bottom laid Mer’s sunken land. Overjoyed to see Naiad again Mer taught Naiad some Magic and even thanked Gaia for his efforts by gifting him with the power for him to continue protecting her daughter, having sensed her eldest daughter and Sol’s evil intend.

Happy to have gotten to know her mother having lost her when she was still only a baby, Naiad returned to live with Gaia, but like her mother her heart meant to live in the Ocean at sea, and the yearning became stronger with each passing year. Begging Gaia to take her to meet with Ciel, hoping he could give her another Scale, she was grief struck when Ciel said that the North Winter’s magic would not work a second time. But if she could wait for South’s Winter and could meet him there he would be able to give her one last chance to return home, only for a short while though.

Waiting till Winter came to the South, Naiad headed South to the second Monument build for Mer and Ciel to meet in spirit. Taking Naiad to the edge where the sea met with frozen land, Ciel showed Naiad hoe the first scale of Winter started to grow spreading from the land to the sea. As soon as it was as big as a leave he broke it off and splintered it half, again for her and Gaia. Heading back, Sol and Naiad’s sister greeted them and when night came the two of them stole the South Winter’s First Scale. Sol sullied it with a drop of Naiad’s sister’s blood, which was strong with their mother’s and father’s magic. They transformed into beasts that would be able to rule over the sea, land and sky. Since Naiad’s sister was now no longer an Undine her blood would no longer work and they soon found that they required an Undine’s blood to be able to maintain their magic. They also came to know that they would need more magic than just one Undine to be able to conquer the Ocean.

It was their lust for power that had them hunt and kill all of Terre’s and Mer’s children, but Naiad, who was protected by Gaia. Terre unable to forgive himself for allowing his eldest daughter to become so evil and not being able to protect his children, knowing that if they could have gone to their mother’s home they could have been safe. Leaving Naiad to Gaia’s care Terre gave up his magic to allow his dead children’s spirits to return to Mer. Because of this selfless act Mer cried, tears that crystalized, for Terre which saved his life just as he breathed his last breath and was reborn. Ciel took no ill will against Mer for having come to love Terre. Knowing that Terre loved Mer, was enough for him, though he would always love Mer himself.

Sending his magic out to gather last singular most splendid of the crystalized tears, he fused his own magic with it and handed it to Naiad. Calling it a Family Stone, he taught Naiad the Rites that would undo the curse that would awaken in each of the future generations after their twenty first year of life, but because of the curse a Stone such as that should also be used to restore the light of every Undine and so taught her how to make a Mother’s Stone, that would be able to allow a mother to keep her child’s light alive to prevent the child from becoming Human. But should the child born at sea’s light be restored at land then the curse would awaken, and should a child born at land’s light be restored at sea the Curse too would be awakened and they would never be allowed to return to their rightful home.

Ciel went further to tell Gaia how he could undo the Curse inherited by Naiad; the beast too strong for him to continue fighting and that only if she could return home would she be able to keep on living. Deciding to keep what was needed of him to make Naiad truly happy, her dream to go home.

Curious to what Ciel could possibly have told Gaia, she waited in anxiousness. Ciel kept watch from the mountain that over looked the sea. No one knows what exactly he did, only that he told Naiad that his love for her had undone the curse, overjoyed she jumped into the sea, surfacing only once before heading down to meet her mother, telling him she’d come back to him as she loved him too and would gladly live with him after going to say good bye to her family’s spirits that lived below the water.

Ciel’s heart screamed at watching the two’s love be shattered to safe the other. Realizing that he loved both he offered the rest of his magic to lift the curse himself. He watched as Gaia threw himself into the sea and watched as a surprised Undine went to safe her Human lover. He whispered something to the wind which took the message to Gaia. ‘Live. Go live with her. I and Mer could not be together, but at least now the two of you can.’ Gaia heard Ciel’s words echo in his mind.

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