Lady of the Sea

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Curses, Power and Love

Already five hours into the drive after his brother, Heinz phone rang. Using the car’s Bluetooth connection he answered and could perfectly hear the person on the other side through the car’s speakers.

“Sir one of your little ‘birds’ you have at the harbor just left you a message. Said it’s about your brother having left last night, seen him board his boat and heading south-west.”

“Shit!” Heinz hit the brakes, the wheels locking causing the car to spin slightly, but with expert driving skills, Heinz drifted the car to a halt. Pounding his fist on the dashboard he geared the car and broke every speed regulation back to Eagle Bay.

“Get to tracking my brother’s boat, now!”


“I swear I’ll kill you myself if you tell me we can’t track him!” Heinz barked at the telephonic messenger.

“According to our tracking, his boat is still at the harbor…”

“Get someone to check it now!” Heinz snapped and heard the phone go dead.

Minutes later and the man called again, stuttering afraid of having Heinz come after him for breaking the news.

“Sir. The boat’s still at the harbor. There’s no record of any other boats under your brother’s name and… all of the docked boats are accounted for.” The man reported. A sound of a gun sounded and someone else greeted Heinz. Someone whose voice was deathly chilled.

“Ssssiirrr.” The man slid the word out with a hiss and purr.

“Snake! Make sure to bring me my brother alive; I’m going to rip him apart myself! And don’t dare touch the girl! She’s to be unharmed, and shouldn’t know a thing!”

“Yessss Sssiirrr. Allllsssooo we havvveee the meeaalll rrrreadyyy….” Heinz could feel ‘Snake’s’ blood lust over the phone, it was why he like the man so. Snake would do anything for Heinz, so long as Heinz held on to power of the cult Snake would remain loyal.

“Good let the other’s know!” Heinz’s eyes darkened, everything about the man appeared evil no that he wasn’t trying to keep his rage in check.

As soon as Heinz was back at Eagle Bay he head to a hut build near on a secluded part of a beach. Stepping inside guns surrounded him three other men all knelt on the ground their hands in the air.

“We have you surrounded! Put your hands behind your head! You are under arrest for the murder of Penelope Olsen.” A man stated and al Heinz could do was obey as they cuffed him. Thankful that this was only a meeting place.

A small crowd had gathered and when he saw Snake amongst the people a single nod told the man all he needed to. Know glancing Snake nod in turn, Heinz smirked to himself. They all knew what to do if ever they were arrested… Plead insanity if proofing innocence was in vein, and at that moment they needed to find out exactly what evidence had been brought forward. That meant they needed a lawyer. Snake was already dialing the man for the job, while Snake went after Darwin and with Heinz currently not in command it meant he could do as he wanted.

“Heinz is in trouble. We all are! She sensed us being watched, the people that my brother works for can’t be trusted. If it means she’s safe, then a curse is the least of our problems!” Darwin went on the tell Delian and Pearl only to realize they knew something more.

“Your brother is the one in charge. I only realized it after I lead him to another of us. He killed her and drank her blood. He’s after Naiad what he doesn’t realize is that we’re her direct descendants… And he doesn’t seem to want me dead for some reason. Our great grandmother was Naiad, so our magic are stronger than most. When our mother realized what was happening she came to land to end the age old war between our families, between Undine being slaughtered by the Baskelight. My father had been killed by them when he came to help his brother, a Human, turns out his brother betrayed his humanity for the Cult as well. My mother was saved from being mugged by Missy’s father, your mentor. When Missy was born, the Cult got to your brother as well, convinced him that we were the once who would destroy the world but that they could save it, but would need our blood. Your brother killed my mother. But he hid Missy from them, he could still have been saved that was until they finally let him drink of an Undine’s blood. He knows who missy is, but not that she’s one of us. Not all born to Undine and Human are Undine, just like not all Humans are only Human…” Pearl bit on her lip as she considered telling Darwin what she had done.

“Pearl? What did you do?” Darwin had come to know when Pearl was nervous, he wasn’t blind to the fact.

“I gave the jewels from the previous night’s heist to the Police, told them of the murders and of the girl I set up as bait to get them all in one spot. They’re being arrested as we speak, But… the girl might already be dead… Drinking the Undine’s blood isn’t the only part to these monsters’ ceremony, they would offer the dead to the sea to lure more Undine to land. Undine… Are born with a spirit of the Ocean in Human form… Just like your brother was born with a spirit of the fire in him. Like Undine to be freed from the Curse only on their 21st year of life no earlier and no later. Baskelight are cursed when they drink the blood of an Undine. They use the dead Undine to lure more spirits to the land to be born as Human who could become Undine if their light is restored every seven years.” Pearl told Darwin stricken with guilt at being the cause of yet another Undine dying and more spirits being called from the sea.

“If this is true… Al the more reason to get away. I have a friend in Japan, he can help us.”

“Do what?” Delian asked frustrated at the idea of having to be on the run.

“Get new identities. He’ll get us in contact with a man named Boris Ivanov. I know we can trust them!”

“If I sense just one fire, we’re doing this my way!” Pearl snapped, hating the idea just as much as Delian.

“And what might that be?” Darwin insisted they tell him.

“We find Ciel, Terre and Mer they have to be somewhere. I’m thinking either at the South pole or at the North Pole.”

“There is nothing at the North Pole!”

“I know… Norilsk is the only city o land so close to the north, Spirits of our ancestors has long since abandoned the land there. Humans have polluted the once beautiful Winter after Baskelight conquered them, making them their prisoners and forcing to be their slaves… This Boris your friend in Japan will help us get to, he might know! He might be able to help us get to the most Northern land” Pearl suddenly had a glimmer of hope.

“I’ll let him know to get ready and book us on the flight. It will be faster, We’ll reach Kuroshima in about three weeks if travel goes well.”

“It will. I’m not just any Undine.” Pearl let her ancestry be known.

18th March 2008 – Australia

“Did you find my brother yet, Snake?” Heinz asked over a phone from the prison, others lining up behind him. The evidence was stacked against him and his fellow followers. They’re last day to prove insanity was at hand in a day. So far the court has had little care about the sanity of the group of nine ‘murderers’. It was a fact that it was easier to escape a nut house than a highly regarded prison as what they had found themselves in while they awaited for the final court date. It was made even easier by the fact that most Asylums were controlled by the Baskelights themselves; being how they found many of their victims in their race for absolute power.

“Nooo Ssssiiirrr.” Relieve was in Heinz words that followed as he tried to plead with Snake to spare Missy. But orders from higher had come to bring the girl to Lilith. This could only mean that they suspected Missy of being a high value aspect, as high as royalty. If it was the case he would have to get to Missy first, he would have to take any power the girl has before they kill her for it.

He could feel his crave for power surface at the mere thought of having such a pure soul fill is lustful quench. Fearing this uncontrollable thirst he wondered if it would be better to just hope Missy couldn’t be found.

The next day, the court ended in only a few minutes, their lawyer was able give the proof needed to have each of the cult members send to separate Asylums. They would have to wait only for a while until their presence in the world starts to diminish.

On a daily basis a nurse would bring Heinz news about his still loyalist gone rogue while they waited for his return. It was only on the 31st October that he would learn of his brother’s demise that year which would be the trigger for him to truly becoming insane, hidden behind a mask of a grieving brother who has lost his only family and adopted niece…

20th March 2008 – Russia

“Naiad?” A hulk of a man looked to the little girl, who went to hide behind Delian.

“No, I’m afraid you must have her mistaken for someone else.” Pearl tried to steer the idea away. Not sure of who this wan was, but feeling an eerie familiarity about him.

“Shana…?” He looked to Pearl.

“No. Sorry.” Pearl tried to step past the Russian bear-man, when Darwin and Ryota greeted him as Boris.

“Welcome!” The man bellowed with deep laughter toning his voice with friendliness.

“This is Pearl and Missy, I told you about.” Ryota introduced the girls, his accent without a hint to his Japanese culture he was raised in.

“I see. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. It is just your likeness and essence remind me so much of those two…”

“Naida and Shana? Naida was our great grandmother, but I’m unsure of who Shana is.”

“I see. I should have known. Shana… Was Naiad’s sister, younger sister. Daughter of Mer and Ciel she was a Nymph. She was the one who told Ciel how he could help Naiad, being the one who blessed the Undine with Scales for protection, the same Scales that grow with each new winter. As well as the one who helped Ciel make the Family Stone and allows one Undine to make new Family Stones in every generation… The reincarnation of Shana’s will, you could say.”

“But I…”

“Yes you make the Family Stones for each of the new clans or Families that come home. Making the Mother’s Stone to give to Undine born on land so that they would be able to return home.”

“How do you know this?”

“I’m was once known as Ciel.” He claimed. Missy peered to look at the man and upon seeing his gentle kind eyes that was filled with love and longing for someone far away.

“Don’t be sad.” Missy said letting go of Delian.

“She’s waiting for you. He’s waiting too, but… He is strong enough to protect her anymore. The Monsters are trying to poison him, and the poison it’s spreading, even she is sick now.” Missy seemed like she was about to cry. Boris knelt before her wiping her tears. I’m so sorry that there still is now way to undo the curse or to stop evil from cursing more people. Sol and Lilith… They have to be stopped! Do you think you can find your friend, Gaia?” Missy nodded.

“Good! When you do give him this. Tell him he should keep it safe until the time’s ready.”

“What is it?” Missy looked at the small box that hid in her hand easily when she closed her fingers around it.

“It’s something he’ll be able to use only once. I do hope he’ll use it right…” Boris looked to Delian and Pearl.

“My sweet little Nyph… I wish I could see you and your mother more often, but fate is still against us.” Boris said his farewell and before Pearl could ask him how to safe Missy if he truly was of Ciel’s spirit he was gone only cold air swirled around her make her hair dance in delight.

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