Lady of the Sea

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For Love She'll Go

30th December 2017 – San Francisco, California, USA

“Chris!” Sirena ran and ‘jump-hugged’ as soon as she saw Chris who was now officially her boyfriend. Taking her hand he lead her between the snowy lined streets. They were on a mission to find a new restaurant they could try out. Sirena’s hands were icy, despite him having begged her to wear gloves she said that the cold didn’t bother her as much, which was half a lie. The wind picked up and Chris felt Sirena ‘freeze-up’.

“Let’s get you inside.” He pulled her into a random building the warmth inside seeping into her. Her nose was ripped red and her cheeks were flushed red, even more so when she caught him looking at her like she completed his world, and filled his once empty heart…

“What…? Is there something on my face?” She touched her face.

“Sirena?” She gave him her attention again.

“I have to tell you something, something important. Beginning of last year I suddenly felt like something was ripped away from me. My memories were a confusing mess, meeting up with someone who just isn’t there in my mind… Like I lost someone I loved and everything about them were erased and replaced by an invisible ghost… But when I met you… I stopped feeling broken and I knew I had to be with you, stay with you and protect you no matter what! When I saw the news…” He wondered if should tell her knowing that everyone else has tried to keep it from her.

“About me? About what that man said?” Chris nodded.

“It almost felt like I was about to lose you. And not just lose you, but it felt like the same loss, like I already lost you once before…”

“I’m not going anywhere anytime soon! Besides Uncle David and Aunt Margret won’t allow me to! They’re ‘adopting’ me Chris. I’m finally going to have a real family! And… of course I have you too…” Her cheeks reddened even more than she thought it could as she felt her face burn hot.

“That great! We have to celebrate!” He twirled her around and then pulled her waist tight against him. Staring into Sirena deep blue eyes he felt himself blush at the thought of kissing her.

“Let’s go!” He let go of her and gestured to the door back to the cold outside.

When they reached the park they noticed all the other couples that had thought it would be romantic to take a stroll in the cold.

“Want to go through here?” Chris asked Sirena. She hooked her arm onto his and went into the park, following the path for a short while before deciding it was boring and heading to where the trees’ bare branches thickened overhead.

“I read about spring blossoms; is it really as beautiful as the pictures on the internet?” Sirena asked curious as always.

“It is; you’ll love it!” Sirena’s smile brightened, if that was ever possible.

“I have something for you.” He held out a small box for her to take.

“What is it?”

“I have no idea, all I do know is that it’s something important and valuable, and I want you to have it!”

Sirena undid the knot that held the box sealed and opened it. Inside was a silvery scale with a very slight and light blue and pink luminescence to it as she tilted it from side-to-side.

“It’s beautiful.” She tried picking it up and found that it was cracked in two, Chris picking up the other half.

“I have an idea.” Sirena handed Chris her half and dug out her locket, from beneath her thick clothes and pulled it from under her scarf and over her head, the chain getting tangled with her hair momentarily. David had told her was hers, the only item from her forgotten past.

“I’ve seen that before…” Chris said as he inspected the design and opened it to see the faded pictures.

“I’m going to replace those with Clair, Jacob, Meriam and me and of Aunt Margret and Uncle David along with Granny Lilian. You can be in the picture with me too!” She told him as she watched him, frown as he tried to piece together why the locket seemed familiar.

Pulling on the small frame that was clicked into the locket’s side it came out revealing a small gem like stone.

“The Mer Tear…”

“I didn’t even know it was in there… What’s the Mer Tear?” Sirena asked.

“I’m not sure. I just remember someone telling me something about it… and this very locket… Sirena… I think we might have…”

“Very possible!” She agreed.

“That means only that you did lose me already once before… I’m sorry.” She wanted to cry, she wanted to hit herself for the possibility she might have been the cause that Chris had ‘felt broken’.

“Don’t be. Nothing what might have happened in either our pasts are our fault!” He handed her the little crystal like stone-gem.

“Besides I think the person who told me about it was a guy named Delian? I can’t be too sure.”

“Delian and Pearl… I think you’re right… I think they might have been some of my old friends. Their names do sound ‘good’ to hear.”

“Let’s hide it back where it was.” Chris took the Mer Tear and placed it in the hollow that was hidden behind the small plate-frame and handing her locket back. Sirena took her half of the scale and placed it on the photo closing the locket carefully as to not let the scale fall out.

Taking off the chain from her locket and safely putting the locket in her jacket’s pocket that zipped close she took Chris’ half and with long strands of her hair that she pulled out and tied the scale onto the chain.

“Aren’t you scared it might lose, hair isn’t a reliable ‘string’?” Chris teased.

“Nope, not at all. My hair is pretty strong, besides, it’s only for now. Aunt Margret can make something better for us, she does own a jewelry…” Chris just looked at her and before she could finish what she was saying he kissed her.

“Sirena. I love you!” He whispered and gentle kissed her again. She did pull away, but rather returned the kiss.

“I’m hungry.” She said smiling as their lips still touched.

“I can hear that!” He took her hands in his and rubbed them warm.

“Now we can go.” He guided her through the park and onto a street coming across a coffee shop and deciding that it would do.

They took a seat by a window and watched fresh snow start to fall the warm cups carrying the aroma of the hot chocolate that was refreshing.

“Uncle David said something about moving…” Sirena said feeling her spirits sink at the thought that she would be leaving Chris only to see him on holidays.

“Then I’ll be sure to come with you!”

“But what about your studies?” She wanted to protest.

“I’m sure I can make something work.”

“You’re truly the best. But I think you should finish up, it’s only another two year, and beside I won’t be going to school so I don’t have to abide by holidays only. If I really miss you I’ll come to see you. He did say might be moving not that we are!” She smiled lifting her head and pushing the negative vibes to the side.

“Very well; but if you do move, I’m still going to see if can finish my studies closer to where ever it is you do go. Who knows maybe he meant moving to somewhere nearby here, not every move home means it’s going to be a far as my moving here from Honolulu.”

“You’re right!”

“Excuse me miss, but we’ll need you to come with us.” A man in a black suit said towering of Sirena and Chris. Two more men behind him.

“I think you might have mistaken for someone else Chris stood and went to stand in front of the man, hiding Sirena sitting behind them from the men’s sight.

“Step away. We have no business with you. We came for the girl.”

“I’m not letting my girlfriend go anywhere with some strangers!” Chris said not about to give to the men’s intimidation. Sirena felt a kind of fear overwhelm her and looking at Chris’ hand made into fist told her he felt it too.

“I’ll only say this once more. Stand aside!” When Chris didn’t do as the man ordered the man to the right pulled a gun, the people in the shop now screaming and some trying to get to the exit; most trying to put more distance between them and Sirena and Chris who was the focus of these men.

“No!” Sirena found her voice escape her.

“Don’t hurt him! Please!”

“Then you’ll come peacefully with us!” The man ordered, when Sirena nodded the man nodded to the gunner to lower his weapon.

“And if you want her to live you’ll not try to come after her! We will kill her if you do and then we will kill you.” The man said and left wordlessly. Sirena’s eyes pleaded with Chris to do as they said, fearing for his own safety, but before she could say anything the gunner used pressure point to have her fall unconscious, the other picking her up and following after the first.

“Sirena!” Chris Tried to follow suit, but the gunner only stopped for a second ready to draw his gun, it was all Chris needed to know that these men where deadly serious.

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