Lady of the Sea

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The Monsters Has Come

“I thought you said you had eyes on her!” David demanded to know how some unknown men were able to get Sirena while in the public. Margret’s hands clasped tight together as she tried to keep her own anger from slipping all the while wanting to drop onto her knees in prayer and in tears.

They had dropped Clair and Jacob off at Lilian who was already trying to get the people who had come to know Sirena to help find her. Along with a few FBI who were helping coordinating search teams and setting up dial lines for anyone who might have an inkling of who the people were who took Sirena and if they might know where she was. The process was slower than what they thought, and already three days had gone by without a trace of Sirena. Street cameras proofed useless and even tracking her cellphone lead to a dead end when they found it in the trash only a few blocks from the Coffee shop.

Chris was staring at the locket and the small half scale inside that was dumped along with her phone. She was gone and he couldn’t protect her. Even if he could, she wasn’t about to let him. Slipping the locket back onto the chain and placing his own ‘hair tied’ scale with Sirena’s half he hung the item around his neck and headed to the door.

“No!” Clair stopped him from leaving, little Meriam right by her side.

“I have to go find her!”

“If you go we’re coming with you! She’s our sister and we want her back just as much!” Meriam cried out.

“Si-Si, not gone.” Jacob said pulling on Chris’ jeans.

“Jacob, you’re too young to understand. Sirena’s not going to come back by herself.” He bent down to wipe the boy’s tears.

“He is right. Sis not gone, she won’t just give up. She has us to come back to and she doesn’t like it when she makes us worry. She’s not gone, she’s with us. Right here.” Clair pointed to her heart.

“I’m still going after her!”

“And do what?” Lilian asked her arms folded.

“Save her!”

“If you want to save her the best is to help out here, where you’ll be safe. She’d hate for you to risk yourself for her. Clair is right, she has family to come home to, so she won’t give up. Believe in her!” Lillian soothed the grieving young man’s restless soul.

“How? How can I help her from here?”

“By leaving it to the people who can save her. To the people who knows who took her.” Lillian said pointing to a group of odd people.

“Who are they?”

“That is her sister… and her sister’s people.” Lillian winked at him, the way she spoke was as if she knew more than she let on to.

“Chris…” The woman Lillian said was Sirena’s sisters seemed to be almost in tears.

“I’m so glad you’re safe!” She embraced Chris like she was sure he was lost to them.

“Who are you?” Chris asked just standing there without an idea what this woman was to him or he to her.

“Pearl, You won’t remember me, but I remember you. I’m glad you and my sister were able to find each other again. But I need you to try and remember for me. Try and remember who we are.”

He looked at her like she was crazy when single words came to mind ‘Nymph’, ‘Undine’ and ‘Magic’.

“The stories were real. You’re a Undine with a Nymphs Magic, and he. He’s Undine, your Fiancée, Delian… Delian and Pearl…” The names were like the ghost in his memories, people who existed and yet he couldn’t recall them at all.

“Missy…” Chris found him mutter and the name pained him to say, but when he thought about Sirena the pain seemed to lift.

“She’s in the same trouble she was then, isn’t she?” He remembered the night he watched as someone ripped at Missy’s clothes and threw her across the beach like she was dead weight. He remembered screaming out her name and then waking up the next morning in his bed.

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t risk you getting hurt back then, she would have… I put you to sleep, and conjured the storm to help us all that night. The wind carried you home and the sea swallowed Missy, Delian was healed, but I had to get him to the sea for him to come back to me, I didn’t think to find you after that. Missy had me promise to have my magic erase her from your memories if anything should happen to you. All I cared about was making sure the Ocean’s Guardians knew to keep her safe. But animals can’t take care of someone, who’s still Human, forever.” Missy looked to Chris, she felt guilt for everything that had happened.

“It’s alright; you did what you thought you had to. Sirena has all of us now too.” Chris realized that wanting to go after Sirena now was suicide. The people were the very monsters he was afraid of, and the fact that even people who were thought to be fairy tales can’t stand up to these people, meant he had even less of a chance to safe her.

“How are you going to get her back?”

“Give me the Mer Tear. It has more magic in it only Spirits and Nymphs can use. I’ll use it to have Mer and Terre save Sirena for us. The Spirits were warriors who had the most magic in their times, Undine where born from the Warriors of Land and of Sea, so you can be sure that they would want to safe their children. Especially since Sirena holds all of Naiads Magic, like I have all of a Nymphs magic despite being an Undine.” Pearl’s suddenly seemed sure of herself, more so than ever before.

Chris opened the locket and took out the small crystalized tear, handing it to Pearl. She took it and whispered unintelligent words of gibberish and the tear responded shining a light blue.

“Let go of me!” Sirena tried to free her hands, but the cuffs only dug into her flesh making her winch in pain. The man that had been the one who knocked her out held her from trying to run away, his hand firmly grasped around her arm.

“Missy, I’ve missed you so much!” A man held out his hands to give her a welcoming embrace, but she pulled away, only for her ’captor to pull her back causing her to nearly fall.

“Stay away!” The said between clenched teeth.

“What? You don’t remember your own uncle? It’s me angel, Uncle Heinz.”

“No! You’re not my uncle! David and Ed are my uncles!” The names of these people infuriated Heinz.

“Missy… Don’t you see? I saved you from those people. They were going to use you, they were going to take you to Lilith and Sol who would have killed you. Everyone here just wants to make sure you stay safe. Now where is your sister?”

“Clair and Meriam? I won’t tell you! I won’t let you hurt them! I’m not afraid of you anymore!” Sirena hissed. A sharp stinging pain graced her cheek and her ears were ringing.

“You will do well not to raise your voice at me!” Heinz sneered.

“If you don’t tell me where Pearl is I’ll kill you! I don’t have time for disobedient little girls!”

“I. Do. Not. Know. Who. Pearl. Is!” Sirena stated slowly word for word before pulling herself free from the man grip and spat in Heinz’s face.

“We’ve been taking care of all those impure, manipulating minxes just to be able to free you and Pearl from them, we even lured more of them to land to finish them off. I have enough of their magic now to find Pearl myself. So either you help me or you’re as dead to me as those others!” Heinz raised a gun to Sirena’s head. Sure she would flinch; she only took a deep breath and glared at him with pitying eyes.

It felt like forever that she was looking past the barrel that was inching closer and closer against her head. She could swear she felt her hear stop a few times ready for her death every time she saw his finger tighten on the trigger. He was hesitating.

‘Just wait a little longer. They’re coming for you.’ She heard a voice a soft as a gentle breath.

‘Who are you?’ She thought.

‘Ciel. I’m Ciel. Mer and Terre are coming for you, to save you. Chris remembers his past with you. I need you to make a choice though.’

‘A choice? Between what?’

‘To become Naiad or to stay as Sirena.’


‘To be become Naiad, you’ll be able to take on her magic completely and help end the Baskelight. But choose to stay as Sirena you’ll give up on one day returning to the sea, to becoming an Undine. You’ll be human forever.’

‘I don’t…’

‘You don’t have to make the choice now, but someday you will have to. You’ve already completed your Rites. When you sang that song that dreadful night... You’re the first to have gained the broken the curse by yourself before your twenty-first year. I’m not sure how you did it, but having done it you freed the others from the curse as well. They don’t know it yet though. But after today… They will.’

‘What do you mean by that?’

‘Mer, will lead everyone she sees fit to the sea, and those gathered at sea before the next full moon can if they want return to their home. Of course you and Chris are the exception, you two can make that choice when the time is right.’

“Drop your gun, Heinz!” A fierce strong voice boomed and before anyone could draw their weapons to shoot the intruders a woman’s soothing song lulled them under her control.

“You men are so easy to seduce these days!”

“Now Mer you know it’s because they don’t have any real magic anymore.”

“You, Terre, are going to see your death one of these days if you continue to make me mad!”

“Too late! I’ve been dead for centuries!” The two were playfully bickering as if they were just going on a walk through the park.

“I was pretty sure I told you to drop your gun Heinz!” Terre’s eyes seemed to glint yellow in the dimming light in the building.

“You! But… You’re not supposed to be real!” Heinz stepped back but stumbled over his own feet, dropping the gun that skidded across the floor. Sirena just looking on in frozen terror as Mer and Terre moved past her.

“And who do you think told about us? She was one of our children, and we do not take it lightly when you threaten our kids!” Mer’s own eyes were the same deep blue as Sirena’s.

“If Ciel was here maybe you would have stood a better chance at living after today, but he’s not coming today, he hasn’t recovered enough of his magic yet to take on his true form.”

“But… But…” Heinz felt fear for the first time in his life. He had not expected the legends to be real. Surely Lilith and Sol would have said something about it being real…

“Guess those two left out their part in our legendary fairy tales.”

“Terre, please just finish the man off, I hate playing cat and mouse!”

“And here I was under the impression you liked playing that game…” Terre threw his hands in the air in surrender.

“Terre! If you don’t send that man to hell, I’ll do it myself!” The men under Mer’s control stepped forward already readying their guns…

“Fine!” Terre snapped his fingers and the ground trembled beneath them. The ground cracked and open up beneath Heinz swallowing him into an abyss and closing just before Heinz realized he had a voice to scream with.

“Now…” Terre turned to face Sirena.

“Look at her! She’s the spitting image of Naiad!” Mer gasped, her hand going to her mouth to hide her smile.

“She has your eyes…” Terre said pulling Mer against his side by her waist.

“The others are going to be so jealous!” Terre’s grin was foolish looking, like a ten year old kid who was looking for trouble.

“Can I go home now…?” Sirena asked not sure how she should respond she opted to just ask for the one thing she wanted.

“Sure! You’re going to love it! The Nereid will be so glad to welcome home another Undine, especially one as beautiful as you!” Mer saw the hesitation in Sirena and mistook it for confusion.

“Oh! Of course, the Nereid are my people! The original people of the sea! Just as the old elves were Terre’s people…” Mer seemed to regret bringing up the elves.

“I’m sorry Terre. I got a bit too excited to tell her everything about the old world. You see Sirena… the elves died a long time ago…”

“I see… But I don’t want to go to your home, not now at least. I want to go back to my new family.” Sirena was a bit unsure how to tell them without offending them.

“Oh… I guess I forgot to think about that…” Mer seemed upset, but was understanding when she nodded and went to free Sirena’s hands; handing the locket to her.

“A young boy, Chris told me to give this to you. He reminds me an awful lot about Gaia. Same caring nature and kind heart. It seems that even though you more ‘human’ species does not live on to be reborn like us, you still find your soulmates in every new life. Naiad would be pleased to know that her magic found Gaia’s all over again.” Mer bent down to place a kiss on Sirena’s cheek.

“I do hope you find who you are someday. Until then, we’ll be watching from everywhere…” Terre’s voice drifted through the room as he and Mer vanished. The men that were under Mer’s control all dropping like flies.

“Hands in the air!” Armed men stormed the room, but lowered their weapons when they saw Sirena standing in the room surrounded by dead men.

“What happened?” Ed stepped past everyone and went on his knees to inspect Sirena’s injuries.

“Some lady and guy, they came in and saved me just before… Heinz… could kill me.”

“Where is this man now?” Ed asked and only getting a pointed finger at the ground.

“He fell through a hole in the floor.” Sirena answered.

“The girl must have had a hard hit to the head to have imagined that.” A man wearing a vest that read FBI said when he overheard Sirena tell Ed what she saw happen to Heinz.

“I thought I had given this to Chris…”

“The lady gave it to me. She said Chris gave it to her to give to me. Is he really alright?”

“Yes.” Ed said stroking Sirena’s hair and tugging strand behind her ears.

“Yes he is and it’s all because you stopped them from hurting him. You really are the bravest girl I’ll ever have the pleasure to know! Now let’s get you home, David’s waiting just outside.” Ed stood up and held his hand to take her to David who was ready to run in to find Sirena himself.

Running straight into David’s arms Sirena refused to let go of him.

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