Lady of the Sea

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Beneath The Salty Waves: Home is Calling

The waves were crashing on the rock below; the view of the vast ocean was a magnificent sight to behold. The salty breeze that played with her hair was enticingly enchanting to say the least. Since the very first time I had seen her, come to know her and lose her, her eyes were what drew me to her. Those deep endless blue eyes, just like the sea’s blue. It was her eyes that held me again when I met her again hiding from our monsters…

Whenever she got nervous she would clutch at the delicate silver chain that hung around her neck. She would never take it off, not even when she went sleeping or swimming.

“It’s been eight years…” The words carried the secret message across to her just fine as she dropped her hand to her side and I watch the wind play with her mystical black hair. Despite me having suggested to have her cut her hair to a more manageable length she didn’t mind her hair getting tangled and appear wild like she just got out of forest after a month of wondering, fighting for survival.

“That doesn’t make me miss the sea any less.”

“Guess the girl can be taken from the sea, but the sea will always be stay with the girl’s heart. It’s calling you home isn’t it?” I have known it since I truly came to understand that she wasn’t like me. She wasn’t just a Human like me. I had hoped it was the end when our monsters were all taken but taken care off. But I should have known that it would never end so long as the source of our fear remained hidden from the rest of the world. I had prayed every morning and every night of every day that we could live a normal life together. Even after I proposed to her and she said yes I tried to keep myself blind to what I knew so well… Deep down I knew she was still thinking about all the ‘what ifs’ and I have always known she wasn’t really happy continuing to live on land when her first love had always been the sea, her home, her ultimate safety. Sure she loved her family, me, Lillian and Meriam and could accept living with us as one of us, but if I wanted her to be truly happy and free I would allow her to slip away and return to where she has never lived a day. Only her soul knew where it was she really belonged.

“Come one; we’ll miss the cruise ship if we linger here longer. Your parents are probably already there.”

“Chris?” She had to stop me now, she knew about all my tricks to distract her from her inner thought, but she wasn’t going to fall for them now…

“I don’t know what to do. Who I am or where I belong. I thought… I thought that ignoring this feeling I could be happy forever, but…”

“You can figure out the answers when we’re out at sea on that cruise ship. Sirena, I’m sorry I’ve been holding you back for so long. I just don’t want to lose you; you’re my everything.”

“I love you too.” I could almost feel relieved when she turned her back to the sea to follow me back to the car. She hated sitting for too long and always had me stopping at odd places to ‘stretch’ her legs. Having moved inland had helped me keep her distracted from thinking back to living by the sea and even going to join the other Undine.

“I can’t believe you’re almost getting married!” Meriam squealed in excitement as she Clair and Sirena laid in the sun by the pool. Other passengers on board were all going about their own business not at all noticing Meriam’s excitement about Sirena getting married.

“Relax! We haven’t decided on a date yet!”

“Just promise me one thing. I’m going to be your best and only bride’s maid!” Clair demanded.

“You know I can’t do that, Clair. Meriam wants in on all the drama too!”

“Thank you, Sirena! You know how to read me like an open book!” The girls giggled and chatted away like they were still primary girls.

With the sun sinking fast on the horizon, everyone headed for the dinner hall, which was hosting a dance ball for that evening’s big event, not that Sirena was one for balls. Instead she opted to take in the cool night air.

“Sirena. If you want to go, we’ll understand if you decision.” Meriam said from behind the wondering girl who was always distracted by her thoughts these days.

“Meriam. Clair…”

“We’ve always known you’ll make the choice someday. You can’t go on running from something you were meant to be. Chris will follow you to the ends of the earth, though he’s not sure how to do that yet.” Clair pointed out. Sirena had not kept them out of the loop about what she was, and suspected that David and Margret knew too with the way Clair was, the girl couldn’t keep secrets even to save her own skin!

“Just don’t go jumping after fate before your birthday. We want to spend at least some more time with you before you go all fish on us.” Clair joked.

“And always remember you’re more than welcome to come visit us. Screw fish-men law!” The younger teenager said, and had her grandmother hear her would have surely been scolded for not acting more lady like.

Days passed by fast when not keeping track and before Sirena knew it she was standing in front of a birthday cake surrounded by all the people she had come to love. Jacob and Henry were more excited to get the candles blown out than Sirena. She knew all too well that the two boys only wanted to eat cake. Sandra was holding her seven moth hold girl in her arms swaying the girl to sooth her. The girl liked crying to get everyone’s attention. Ed was ready with the camera to take all the best shots he thought would be memorable. Sandra had resigned from law enforcement to become a home mother, and Ed would restrict his field work, keeping his wife happy he would do the desk work he had always detested until Henry was born.

She made sure to value this last night with her family. She had made her choice, she was going to live her life as an Undine and she would help end the weakening power of the Baskelight. Early morning while she was sure everyone was still asleep she headed out. She would leave without saying goodbye, it was for the best; wasn’t it?

“Leaving without telling me?” She spun to see Chris with flowers in his hands.

“For you. Thought you would like to smell the roses with me one last time…”


“It’s alright. Go. It’s not like I won’t see you at all. It’s just for the time being.”

“Thank you Chris.” She gave him one last smile before climbing over the railing ready to jump from the moving ship.

“I love you and I will come back. Promise!” She said and jumped before he could say anything more, but he wasn’t about to let her go at anything alone as he jumped over after her.

Seeing her disappear into the depths, he tried to reach her, but how could he, he was only human…

“Chris!” Sirena called out to him when she saw him fight to reach her despite needing to breath.

Their Scale necklaces shone once and shattered into dust, air rushing to his lungs…

“I can breathe…”

“It seems that Ciel knew you’d come after me…”

‘I’m glad the two of you have finally made your choices. To be together and to take on you roles in the war to come…’

“Mer!” Sirena tried to see if she could find the woman before remembering that she was the very sea now.

“Thank you Mer for accepting Ciel’s gift!” Sirena said realizing what the Scales were.

‘Always! Now follow the lights. It gets pretty dark and cold. The lights with show you the way while keeping you warm until your own scales start to grow.’ The voice echoed of into the depths leaving the two of them surrounded by soft blue and green lights that drifted around them like dust.

“Chris… thank you!” Sirena pulled her in close to Chris, touching her fore of her head to his, their noses brushing against each other.

“I’ll always follow after you.” He kissed her then and everything was perfect for the time being.

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