Lady of the Sea

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Of The Sea

29th June 2017 – Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

It was a beautiful Hawaiian day! The sun was high in the clear blue sky and a salty sea breeze wafted through the city. While this went largely unnoticed by the locals, it was relished by the tourists that were exploring the many shops and cafés that lined the city streets. One tourist in particular cared nothing for cities or the many tourist attractions, instead she; preferring to explore the more scenic out of the way destinations. So while her parents were looking for some gifts to take back home she was enjoying the beach, a way off foot.

It was ‘uncommonly’ quiet on the white sandy beach for that time of day and had it been under any other circumstances the black haired beauty would have been more cautious of her surroundings. But not on this day since she knew that there was a huge concert at the Blaisdell Center and most everyone that might have spent the day at the beach would be there now.

Without a care she sprinted towards the breaking surf pulling her shirt over her head as she ran towards the beckoning waters. Tossing the shirt onto the moist sand she paused only for a moment as she got her blue Hawaiian style shorts to drop. Her white one piece swimsuit contrasted against her raven black hair, but seemingly complimented her blue eyes in a fashionable design. She dashed the last stretch of the sand between her and the sea and braced herself as the chilly salt water rushed past her feet and legs. To her this was like a drug that she couldn’t have enough of! Consumed by the moment she followed the retreating waters into the ocean beyond the shoreline unaware that she was being followed by a stranger. He kept out of her sight and following her into the waters… A dark red colored cloth in hand and a razor sharp dagger in the other… His intent was clearly of evil intent!

As a new wave started to break she turned around to fall through the wave, her childish giggles quickly subsided as she saw the man only a few feet away from her! Fear enveloped her mind as the power of the wave pushed her closer towards the stranger. An evil grin filled his face as she drew ever closer to where he as standing. Her mind raced as she tried to prevent herself from getting within his reach. She knew the only way out was to head further out into the safety of the sea. Fear clouded her thoughts as it was clear the man was more powerful and faster than she! Another wave crashed around them and as the water began to retreat, it pulling her slightly with it. The man seemed to grin wickedly…

“It is useless to try and run, you have nowhere to go! If you value your life you’ll come peacefully with me.” His smile broadened into a toothy grin sending chills down her spine.

“Help me! Someone please, help me!” She screamed as loud as possible hoping that someone on the deserted beach would hear her pleas. Turning towards the water she ran into the sea determined to get as far away from this man as she possibly could! She tried to calm her rattled nerves by chanted to herself, repeating the words in her mind over-and-over: “I need to get in the water so I can swim away from him! Just have to get to deeper waters!” She dragged herself through the restricting waves trying to get deep enough to swim.

“Oh how I love the chase!” The stranger sneered as he followed her through the flowing surf. In spite of her desperate attempts to reach deeper water the man was just too powerful and quickly overtook her reaching out and grabbing her by her long hair!

“No… Please someone, help me!” She screamed desperately as her feet kicked wildly in the air, the man having lifted her off her feet and held her in the air by her hair. He slipped the blade of the dagger beneath the strap of her swimsuit just at her shoulder and with a slight flick of the monster’s wrist her strap was cut.

“I warned you it would have been better if you had just come quietly! But I’m glad you didn’t listen since now I get to enjoy the taste of your blood!” He taunted evilly as he brought the pummel of the dagger forcefully down on her head causing her to lose conscious. Moments later another towering wave crashed around them causing the man to lose his grip on the girl’s hair. Momentarily stunned by the wave, he was too slow to react and watched as the still unconscious girl was quickly pulled out to the open sea!

A nearby police officer, tasked to patrol the area, had heard her pleas for help and quickly headed out onto the white sandy shoreline. But his arrival was too late to save her. Reaching the spot where now only the man stood with the dagger still clutched in his blood stained hand. There was no sign of the girl already swept away by the strong offshore currents brought on by the rapidly changing weather. Dark ominous storm clouds had replaced the clear skies and bolts of lightning illuminated the now darkened skies. Sheets of rain began to fall as the man; a known criminal was arrested and led away by the authorities. The blood on the man’s hands and the dagger’s pummel alerted the police that there was most likely a victim somewhere and a search was started as soon as the weather cleared.

It was hours later when her parents called the police to report that their twenty year old daughter hadn’t returned to the hotel that the police realized who the criminal’s victim was. The beach and shoreline as well as the ocean in the area had been searched thoroughly, but her body was not recovered. Only after four weeks in confinement did this monster of a human being tell the police that he had lost her and had watched as she drifting out to sea… presumably dead.

Refusing to believe that their daughter was dead, her family continued to search for another two weeks, only to find a ripped small piece of a white swimsuit with blood on it. It was determined to be her blood. Ironic that the cloth had washed up on the very same beach she was attacked on.

22th September 2017 – San Francisco, California, USA

“Yet another girl has been found murdered… more news about yet another victim of the Black Pearl Murderer… Further information will be provided later regarding the Hue Jackson case; arrested for one Laura Du Toit’s murder… as the murders has continued long after his arrest the police suspect that the real Black Pearl Murderer is still at large…” A man wearing an army style camo jacket switched between channels.

“Is this really all they can talk about?” He asked as his wife took the remote and muted the sound on the TV.

“You need to go get some fresh air, while the ladies, I and the kids discuss surprise party plans, seeing as children want to have part of it as well.” His wife said as she kissed him on the nose.

Turning to look one last time at the news scrolling across the screen, the man left to take a walk on the beach and maybe to head down to where the festivities were taking place. As he left he heard his wife turn the volume back on the TV.

News of the French tourist who had been attacked, killed and swept out to sea over two months ago, darted across the bottom of the screen as the news channel went on to the weather forecast. The weatherman gave his report of the local conditions as well as his predictions for the coming days. Once finished the news room went to their live feed. It was a “fun” day today on San Francisco’s beaches. As a big festive event had been organized and sponsored by PG&E. All the money was to go to cleaning up oil spills in the sea.

“PG&E has reached their target of two million Dollars in only four hours, and it’s no surprise to how they did it! As you can see people are lining up to take their chance at winning the grand prize of fifty-thousand Dollars. What do they have to do? Beat the world record for the longest breath hold while submerged underwater! Of course every possible measure to ensure the participants’ safety has been put in place. The first attempt is free and each participant can try again for a second or third or fourth try with a donation of just one hundred Dollars for each additional attempt. There are only twenty tanks set up and so it takes some time for people to get their chance. However seeing as the highest time reached today so far has been six minutes with the average person only being around forty seconds the queues are going faster than expected!” A lady wearing a bright yellow sun dress spoke cheerfully. Her reddish hair fluttered around her shoulders and dark rimmed glasses sparkled in the sunlight. It was her job to encourage more people to head down to the beach to participate in the events.

“Furthermore…” The reporter began, but stopped suddenly as a nude girl emerged from the surf and waked slowly onto the golden sands of the beach to his right. Without having to be told the man operating the camera turned the lens of his camera to where she was now standing.

In her hands she held a fish. Innocently she put the fish to her mouth and ripped it open! Seaweed seemed cling to her body as she picked at the raw flesh of the dead fish. Without thought she tore a piece off and popped it into her mouth chewing it before swallowing. Her gaze then turned from the fish to the ever growing crowd gathering on the beach in front of her. They seemed to be in awe of her and her of them; as thought that they were some kind of animals in a wilderness reserve and she was on a safari trip. She smirked and tried to brush off the pieces of the seaweed from around her waist, but they refused to fall away. In frustration she ignored it having seemingly given up trying to get rid of the plants that hugged her petite frame.

“Susan, what’s happening there?” The news anchorman questioned the live reporter.

“You won’t believe this Nate, but a totally naked girl just came wandering from out of the sea onto the shore here.” Susan answered shocked at what she was seeing in front of her.

Some of the people that had initially stopped were now leaving unable to watch as the girl, whose mouth blood stained from the fish she was still eating, walked curiously towards a stand that was selling hotdogs and corn-on-the-cob. The delicious aroma of the cooking food seemed to lure her towards it until she stood directly in front of the bright blue and green stand.

Angrily a portly man behind the counter of the stand pointed towards a picture of the corn-on-the-cob and snarled. “Do you think I’m just going to give you free food just because you’re butt naked? No way, now get lost! Go!” The man barked loudly causing the girl to flinch in fear. Whimpering like a puppy she moved away from the stand and stared in dismay at the people around her who watched with disgust, shock, horror and few looked on in a lecherous manner.

Finally a man in a uniform stepped up to be a true gentleman; cautiously stepping up to where she was. Taking off his jacket he gently tried to place it over the girl’s shoulders from behind her, but this action startled her causing her to jump and throw the jacket off, hissing at it as if it was something evil.

Undeterred the man picked the jacket up and held it out to her. “See it won’t hurt you,” he said softly as he once again tried to put it over the girl’s revealing figure. Once again she hissed and snarled at him, but this time curiosity had the better of her. Slowly she reached out with her hand and touched the rough yet warm army camo jacket. She still let out a few snarls of warning but once she felt the comforting warmth of it envelop her as the man placed it over her again she seemed to relax slightly.

“My name’s David. What is yours?” He asked in a curious voice, but all she did was tilt her head to the side.

“David,” he said pointing to himself. “My name is David, what is your name?” He asked pointing to her. She remained silent a questioning look filed her face.

“Da… Da… ve… Davi…d…” She finally spoke in softly testing the sounds with her own voice repeatedly pointing to herself finally once she got the hang of the word.

“David,” she said still pointing at herself and smiling proudly.

David shook his head slowly causing her smile to quickly fade.

“No, I’m David. Who are you?” He questioned pointing to himself before pointing to her again. This time she shook her head as sadness filled her bluish gray eyes.

“You don’t remember your name?”

The raven haired girl only shook head silently as if to answer no to his question.

“Where’s your home? Where are you from?”

Once again she tilted her head to the side not understanding the question.

“Your home, where is your home?” David asked as he pointed to a white colored house near the beach. “My home, it’s where I’m safe and where I can rest when I’m tired,” he added hoping that she would finally understand his question.

This time she seemed to grasp the question and with a smile pointed off in the distance, back to the sea.

“Home!” She said happily. “This is home!” She added pointing out towards the watery horizon.

By this point the Police had made their way to where David and the unknown girl were standing. People gawked as they watched, some in confusion about what had happened and some even in fear of the seemingly innocent young girl.

“We need her to come with us.” A large imposing police officer said in a slightly annoyed tone. His overbearing presence scared the girl. She snarled at the uniformed officer and hid behind David as she hissed.

“Sir, can you please step aside so we can take her to the station.” The officer spoke now sounding even more annoyed.

The girl’s hissing now became more threatening as she let go of the edges of the jacket that was wrapped around her causing it to fall from her slender shoulders.

“Please, officer can you tone it down a bit, you’re scaring her.” David explained. “She doesn’t seem to understand English or remember anything. Just give me a little more time with her and I’ll get her calmed down and bring her to the station as soon as I can.”

The police officer seemed to contemplate the idea, but shook his head in disagreement. The girl must have had some an idea what this meant for she turned and bolted back towards the safety of the sea. Instinctively the police officers, thinking that she might be a threat pulled their weapons from their holsters and took aim!

“Wait, don’t shoot!” David shouted as he stepped in front of them his hands stretched out, signing for them to hold their advance on the girl. “She’s no threat to you or anyone else, just give me some time to get her calmed down and I will bring her to the station before the end of the day.”

Frustrated and quite annoyed the burly cop grunted. “Very well, you can bring her to the station with you. But to be on the safe side I’m leaving one of the officers to accompany you.” With that he pointed to another officer, one that hadn’t drawn his weapon. “You stay with them and make sure that this man brings the girl in.”

The chosen officer nodded his head. “Yes sir!”

Not waiting for the officer David ran after the girl who was already in knee deep water. “Wait!” David called after her and slowed down to a walk when he saw her stop and turning to glance at him. Not wanting to unnerve her any further he inched closer to where she was standing with caution.

“I’m not going to hurt you, no one will! I promise!”

She had seen how he had come to her defense and seemed to trust him allowing him to come closer to her.

When he was just a meter away he asked once again. “Where did you say your home was?” He asked not caring that his trousers and shoes were soaking up the salty water. Once again she pointed out towards the open sea.

“Are you from Europe? Asia? Are you maybe from Africa?” He asked, trying to figure out what she meant. But with each question she just shook her head.

“Are you from… the sea?” He asked unsure of how she might answer. To his dismay she nodded and smiled, but her smile quickly faded as she turned to stare at the endless waters stretching out from where she stood.

“Safe… Home… But left alone…” She said catching up on sounds and figuring out the rest, perhaps drawing from long forgotten memories.

“You were alone?” David asked receiving a shake of her head.

“Left alone.” She nodded.

“By whom, who left you alone in the sea?” He asked curiously. It now dawned on him that she might have fallen overboard from a boat and her family may not have noticed this and had kept going leaving her adrift alone at sea.

She looked around and frustration filled her expression as she tried to find something to help her explain the words not yet in her vocabulary. Finally she pointed to the pendant around David’s neck, a pendant of a dolphin. David seemed confused by this, but had already come to the conclusion that there wasn’t a simple answer with this girl.

“Left behind by dolphins…” She nodded. “I not of them… I…” She pondered on the idea not sure what the sound for “human” was in the language David spoke and unsure how to tell him who said she was “human”.

“Human?” David asked receiving a nod from the girl. Yet it was clear to him that she didn’t know what it meant to be ‘human’.

Dropping to her knees she began to sob. David dropped to his knees as well not caring that the water was causing his clothes to become completely soaked. He carefully wrapped his arms around the girl to comfort her letting her cry softly as he held her close. The majority of the people on the beach had already left and the remaining were escorted away back to enjoy the festivities on another part of the beach. To the police officer, waiting for David to bring the girl back on shore, it felt like forever and he impatiently shifted from side to side his arms crossed.

Once she had cried herself to sleep, David slowly picked her up and headed out of the water. As they neared the shoreline he called out for the officer to throw him his jacket which was still lying on the sand. He placed the jacket over her petite frame when he noticed the silver chain around her neck beneath a piece of seaweed that was wrapped tight around her neck. Removing the seaweed he noticed a locket. Carefully he opened it only to find water faded images of people who were now unidentifiable.

They were soon in David’s car heading to the police station.

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