Lady of the Sea

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Sisters of the Sea: Cape of Storms and of Good Hope

“Lia!” A girl with black as night hair called out into the dark.

“Boo!” Another girl shouted, having crept up to her friend.

“Lia! You nearly made me a heart attack!”

“Don’t be so dramatic Laura! You can’t die that easily!”

“Says you!”

“We have to get going before someone spots us.” Lia nudged towards the lights that were heading towards them.

“You should speak for yourself. You weren’t the one that have to go steal food every time. We can’t keep doing this. We could go live with the others.”

“They don’t want us!”

“How can you be so sure?” Laure asked for the umpteenth time trying to get a better answer than ‘just because’.

“We’re not Undine, Naiad or Nereid. And going back to our human lives is far too dangerous. We both somehow were able to get away, but… Look us Laura. Undine don’t have actual fish tails and the Nereid don’t have blood running through their veins… Sylphs don’t have a solid form and we can’t even say we are Nereus… We have no scale that had been gifted to us to have become this way. We’re not like any of them! Not even like the Rusalka or Melusine! We’re freaks!” Lia let her magic slip with a her flaring emotins and a howling wind started to whip about them.

“You might be right, but that doesn’t mean they won’t accept us. They might know why we’re different from them. We can leave this place and have a new life.” Laura calmed Lia down.

“And who says I want to leave here? I like it here. The water’s nice and cold most of the year and if want warmer water we just go to the other half of the sea. Plus no one gets worried when we play with the weather. It is why this place is called Cape of storms…” Lia’s sarcastic playfulness took hold and the wind died down, some…

“And of good hope! I have to admit, it is nice being like the rulers over this part of the sea, but I do miss my family. They must be worried sick…” Laura thought back to the man who attacked her and tried to kidnap her. She had blamed herself for not paying attention to the empty beach…

“I wonder why the beach was so empty back then…” She let her thoughts slip giving Lia the chance to ask once again.

“What beach? You never talked about what happened…”

“Mokulei or something. My parents were out shopping and I told them I was going to go look for a nice beach, ended up there after an half-an hour drive from our hotel. It was actually quite beautiful. I thought that because of all the concerts going on everywhere, especially at Blaisdell, that it was why no one was on the beach… That man attacked me and when I came to I was surrounded by water and had my tail… If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to cope with it all…”

“Mokuleia Beach. It’s pretty much always disserted. Lucky you that my old friend Missy wasn’t normal either. I think she might have been a Naiad. She went missing over a year ago after her sister was kidnapped and her sister’s boyfriend was killed… But I think there’s more to all that, something about that night just doesn’t make sense!” Lia tried to remember, the night. Gunshots were heard from the beach near their home.

“She gave me pages and pages of copied scripts from some old book. I was able to learn everything I know from that.” Lia told Laura the reason behind her knowledge, having decided that maybe it is time for them to try and find the answers of who, or what they were.

“You told me about Missy before. If she’s your friend then I’m sure she won’t judge us.” Laura hinted, not having caught onto Lia’s similar thoughts yet.

“We can stop running, Lia. South Africa isn’t as pleasant as what everything about the ‘land of Rainbows’ were made out to be. You should see the hate in the eyes of some of the people.”

“I’ve seen it.” Laura confirmed Lia’s doubts about the South Africans living in harmony with the various races, cultures and nationalities.

“Only problem is finding her. She just disappeared…”

“I saw some of the news from a few days ago when I went into town to get some pineapples for you, there was a girl that just walked onto a beach some while back. Looks almost like us. Just really silky hair and darker black than ours, as if black wasn’t black unless it was black as her hair… and her eyes… it was what had me thinking that she wasn’t normal… Her eyes reminded me of the deeps sea… Like she was the sea…” Laura told Lia. They had not talked much about everything until recently when they saw people enter the sea and take on their true forms as Naiad… They thought they could finally go ‘home’ with them instead they were shunned and they were forced to flee, until they found themselves hiding in False Bay.

Until living in Cape Town’s waters they had only been swimming in an awkward silence, but now they could finally say they were best friends, even possible sisters.

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