Lady of the Sea

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Hawaii a Place of Fear

1st October 2017 – Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Having a new hate and utter fear for airplanes, Sirena was overjoyed to have her feat back on land, the airport was just as busy here on the island as it had been back in San Francisco. David and Margret had decided that it would make for a good short family vacation and Clair was just glad that she could get away from school for a week.

As soon as they were through passport control and luggage collection, Ed directed them towards the airport Police station where the local police would escort them to where they were to meet up with Lia’s parents. Sirena trailing behind them, being distracted by the many things and people to see. Clair though had taken it upon herself to ‘babysit’ Sirena; still often making remarks that would have people thinking Sirena was her doll she referred to until she would introduce them to ‘Sirena’. David and Margret had tried to get Clair to stop, but Sirena seemed fine with it. The two actually got along well, Sirena teaching Clair how to duck roll jump and even swim and dive, while Clair taught her how to speak ‘proper English’.

As soon as ‘Lia’s’ parents saw Sirena walk through the doors to the Honolulu Police Department, they could not deny that this girl, Sirena, look identical to their little girl and a small hope crept into their hearts that she could very well be Lia.

“Mister and Misses Kahue.” Sandra greeted the still grieving parents. Sirena and Clair shown where they could run about to get rid of their excess energy that was already starting to drive both Ed and their escort mad.

“Is that her?” The mother asked, watching Sirena disappear behind a door. David and Margret unsure if they are allowed to be there. Jacob in his mother’s arms fast asleep didn’t even stir when Margret handed him to David, her arms heavy from carrying him.

“That is why we are here. Most of her fits Lia’s description, though her appearance is slightly different from Lia’s such as not having the same scar on her back. The one you stated was from her falling from a tree when she was eleven.” Sandra stated and saw them accept the possibility that it might not be their Lia, but the ‘what if it is’ weighed more on them.

“She doesn’t have any memory of where she is from or who exactly she is. All we know is that dolphins took care of her for over two months before leaving her to drift to a nearby beach in San Francisco.”

“You expect us to believe that she lived for over two months at sea with dolphins?” The father ’s sarcasm dragged through his voice’s tone.

“We didn’t believe it either until she dived down to a wreckage where a young dolphin was trapped, the dolphin’s pod seemed to instantly welcome the girl and was clearly protective of her, wanting her to return with the coast guard. We thought that she might have been a part of the very wreckage the way she spoke and the names in some odd fashion aligning with the tall tale she told us.” Sandra told the man, but he didn’t seem inclined to believe it just yet.

“My husband, is a psychotherapist, he’ll need more than just your word. If she is Lia, how did she end up at the main land?” Misses Kahue asked.

“Another reason we decided that having the two of you, specifically your husband to talk with her. Being Lia’s father and a psychotherapist we think he might be the best person to help us get to know who she is and if she really is Lia.” Sandra lifted her opinion, her drive to solve her unsolved case now pushing her to take lead, though she had now right except that which the local authorities gave her.

“When can I speak with her?” The man asked not wanting to waste too much time.

“We want to show her around, if she was in Hawaii at any time in her life, we hope that something might trigger her memories.” Sandra told them.

“That is why this couple came along.” Sandra gestured to David and Margret to step closer and have a seat, the Kahue only now curious to who they were having thought they were there for some other reason, waiting for someone specific.

“David was the one who, helped her first when she walked onto the beach. She trusts him the most, along with an elderly lady named Lillian, who stayed behind, too look after her granddaughter who is ill. Clair, the girl that was with her, seems to have her trust as well and she even allows Margret, David’s wife to come close to her without her permission first. Like me and Ed, when she doesn’t want us close she would hiss and bare her teeth at us. She is not ‘tamed’ if I have to put it in words that describe her behavior best.”

“Can we accompany you, get to know her as she is now?” Misses Kahue asked David and Margret understanding that the girl might not want to come close to her or her husband, but if David was with, she’d allow their presence.

“We wouldn’t want it any other way.” Margret stilled the woman’s worries.

“Oh and one last thing, she goes by Sirena as of now, but is aware that it isn’t her real name.” Sandra noted to them.

Leading the group to a little ‘yard’ at the back of the police department, Clair was chasing after Sirena who with cat like stealth jumped and summersaulted out her way it was only when she was clearly annoyed with Clair that she jumped to grab onto the tree’s branch and pull herself up onto it.

“Not fair!” Clair shouted.

“Give me back my hair clip!” Clair ordered. The adults watching Sirena inspect the clip and how it works.

“Give it back!” came Clair’s shouting order again.

“How does open and close and stay close when not open and open when not close?” Sirena asked clicking the hair clip open then closed, constantly, noting the metal slightly change its curves between open and close.

“I don’t know! Now give it back!”

“Clair! Sirena!” David scolded. Ed seeming to thank God, god or gods or whichever other deities that David arrived.

“Clair, you know better than to order her about! You know she doesn’t listen when she’s set on figuring out how something works! And Sirena! Get down from the tree, now!” David scolded, his way he acts with Sirena was as if he was her father as well and not just a temporarily self-appointed guardian to her.

Dropping from the tree and landing on her feet like the branch wasn’t that high at all; Sirena with one fluid motion went to sit cross leg as she inspected the clip further. Misses Kahue stepping closer and going to sit on her knees, the act earning a warning look from Sirena, but with David there she eased the tension that was building in her muscles to jump away.

“The metal the clip is made of, is thin enough so that this kink in it here…” Misses Kahue pointed to the kinks in the thin metal.

“When pushed in one direction open the clip and doesn’t ‘click’ back until you push it back in the opposite direction as the first time, thus closing it.” She explained to Sirena, and Sirena seemed to accept the explanation, handing the hair clip back to Clair.”

“Let’s not ever get children!” Ed told Sandra silently as the two of them stood to one side, watching the Kahue family introduce themselves.

“And what if I told you I us to have a baby of our own?” Sandra turned her dull green eyes on Ed, blinking rapidly teasing him with the idea of having children.

“Maybe someday, not right now.” Ed told her pulling her closer to him, while no one was looking and stealing a quick kiss.

“Of course not right now, but about in nine months or so?” She quickly found her hands fascinating…

“Sandra… You mean… That’s wonderful!” He picked her up and spun her around, hugging her when her feet touched ground! Everyone was looking at the two of them now.

“We’re going to have a baby!” Ed couldn’t not tell the world about the good news!

“I thought you said you didn’t want children?” Sandra joked.

“Of course! I did say not right now didn’t I? I’m going to be father!” Ed sounded out with pride.

“Now who is shouting!” Sandra laughed. All professional ‘police’ mannerism disappeared in that split moment, and a look was shared between Misses and Mister Kalue as well as Margret and David, remembering when they first learned that they were going to be parents.

“Ed? David?” Sirena drew him back to the task at hand.

“Where I?” She asked looking around at her surrounding her strange way of speaking suddenly clear again after over a week that she was starting to form fuller sentences.

“Sirena? We’re in Hawaii…” Sirena shook her head interrupting David.

“I not know. I… Scared… I” Sirena grabbed her head, as it throbbed. Trying to stand she felt the world spin around her. Mister Kalua supporting her, until he saw her eyes regain clarity and start focusing on his.

“I do not feel well.” She spoke up, forming a sentence rather than just giving words.

“She’s fine now. I think she might have low blood pressure, but whatever just happened, she isn’t well.” Mister Kalue told them.

At the hospital, Sirena’s doctor called in and asked the personnel there to check her sodium and potassium level. The results came back as quite normal, which to her doctor was reason enough for concern as it had both been high compared to normal, this could explained why she felt dizzy her blood pressure being lower than normal for her. As for the reason behind her sudden panic, Sandra suggested that she might have remembered something and that they might be on the right track. Mister Kalue stating that she could be suffering from Agoraphobia.

As soon as she was feeling better though she was insistent that she wanted to go see the island. The Kalue insisting that they came to stay at their home for the night, to get to know the girl better as well as David and his family being the main reason for them inviting them over. Ed and Sandra heading to the police station to ask about any other cases about girls going missing, or ending up dead with a pearl embedded in the gun wound that killed them.

Heading by foot to their home, a beach nearby and that being where Sirena wanted to go, they passed many different shops, her eye catching on a poster card of Mt. Leahi, also know Diamond Head.

“I want go there next!” Sirena pointed to the postcard as the next destination after she saw the sea again; so long she could see the sea she was happy.

“We’ll see.” David said and they continued to walk. It took some time to reach the secluded beach, the Kalue pointing out their home up a lonely path.

As soon as the beach came into view Clair was the first to run to the water to soak her feet, Jacob wanting to follow after her having only awoken minutes before, he had been quiet and sweet until now. Having expected Sirena to have ran off with Clair, it came as a shock when the girl was staring to the side towards a shadow beneath a tree, too afraid to move.

“Sirena!” David stepped between her and the shadow of the tree.

“I do not like it here. The monster… He’s watching… He found me…” She whispered and turned to dash for the safety of the sea when she heard the waves break and run across the sand. Their guides, the Kalue not sure what the girl meant by monster.

“Sirena!” David called after her before she could even touch the beach’s sand. Clair too stopped and watched as her ‘adopted’ sister’s eyes filled with tears…

“You’re safe with us! We won’t let the monster hurt you, you don’t have to run for safety!” David said walking towards the frightened girl who just stood frozen in her footsteps.

“Man that screamed.” She said softly.

“It was man I heard screaming. He said to run. So I run. Trusted him, like I trust you and Nixie.” Sirena said as the memory seemed to play in darkness in her mind.

“It was dark. Lot of stars and very bright. Too dark to see faces. But the monster had darker eyes. Very scary. When ran I pulled back by hair, picked up by hair and then was threw against something hard. Sea close but felt far. I felt drawn to the sea. It calling me… calling me like now… There…” Sirena pointed to a solemn boulder buried deep in the sand and still stood near a meter above the fine powdery sand.

“Used to sit there. Wait for someone… Same someone who heard screaming. Saw monster take gun… He distracted by someone. I have chance… chance to run to safety. Heard gun shot and saw monster looking at me with dark eyes. Tried to run faster, but something hurt my head, something hard… I was falling… The stars were missing dark clouds like Monster’s eyes, but not scary. Could hear howling and singing. Then suddenly feeling safe as sea takes me further away from the Monster. I not hear someone screaming anymore… I feel sad and alone… Like I know lost someone… Someone I love…” Sirena recalled as she watched clouds rolling in…

“We need to get going, a storm’s brewing.” Misses Kalue said as the first lightning played between the thickening clouds.

“We know of who she’s talking about.” She said her eyes distant, but not filled with dread. Taking her little brother’s hand as he clutched on to their mother’s they followed the Kalue to their home, entering the warmth of the house just as the first rain started to fall.

As Margret played with Jacob and Clair in the living room, unable to get Sirena to play with them, Clair opted to sit next the her friend; back against the wall and her chin resting on her knees, copying Sirena.

David joining their hosts in the kitchen where they started to tell him of the boy that was shot dead little over a year ago at this very beach, blood of some unknown person was also found. The nineteen year old boy had a proposal ring on him, as well as two letters, one of these letters were addressed to a girl named Pearl; he was to ask her to marry him. But apparently the second letter’s name for who it was, was illegible, smeared with the teenager’s blood.

“How can she remember something that happened over a year ago, when that same happening is when she went missing? She hasn’t been missing for more than four months at most!” David said careful not to raise his voice to give rise to concern to his wife and the children in the room over.

“We just told you what we know about something similar to what the girl described. A storm had rolled in that very night rather fast, we heard someone screaming and then suddenly the gun shots we called the police and rushed down to the beach to find the boy dying, Lia was convinced then that she heard crying, if I hadn’t stopped her she would have been dragged into the sea, that was how bad the storm had gotten in just a few minutes. The boy said something though just before he died…” Mister Kalue snapped his fingers trying to recall.

“Something about not being time yet, he half pleaded that we get to her before it was too late, that she still had till morning… We told the police and they put together a search team, we thought the girl was taken by the same person who shot him. But there was something else, something really strange to the boy’s words after that…” Mister Kalue desperately tried to remember, the kettle starting to whistle, as the water boiled.

“Kind merelle … Wir kindents merelle, wir kunnen allencore. Ne perser la monsters troue moi. Ne aevistas allencore. Wir pe laester. Je amore jus ceque ave tezenen allencore.” Sirena said as she stood at the kitchen door Clair right behind her.

“The words sounded similar to what she just said not as much, but the first part… He said something alike.” Mister Kalue said.

“Sirena, what does it mean? The words you just now spoke?” Margret asked still seated on the ground where Jacob was playing with her handbag.

“I do not know… It something I hear… Wakes me up when feel like I am being lost… lost forever…” She presented them with another mystery.

“Someone… who screamed… he knows.” She told them fidgeting with her fingers.

“Can go home? I not like Hawaii. Place of lot of fear, everywhere. Monster here, he should not find us! Will follow if know where is.” Sirena said with as much conviction she could muster.

Mister Kalue looked at the girls eyes, he was sure he could see the same kindness and care in them as was in his Lia’s eyes.

“Lia used to make up word that sounded an awful lot like what you spoke just now, we thought it might be French but then the words would suddenly change to something else that could pass for a Latin language, but it wasn’t. We tried making sense of her writings, but no luck. We can give you her diaries, maybe they will help you figure out who you are.” Misses Kalue suggested, but Sirena shook her head.

“No. Keep it. Part of her live in it. She not dead, but she not come back. Too dangerous, monsters will find her! She safe for now. With friends.” They looked at her with thanks, her words giving them strength; faith that Lia was indeed still alive.

“I not sure how know, but Lia alive, promise Laura too! And Pearl with Delian. Safe!” Sirena turned to David.

“Delian… That was the boy’s name…” Misses Kalue recognized the name.

“Police hide something, Delian died, not dead now. Delian…” Sirena paused trying to know how she knew his name.

“Delian said to run. Delian protect me, help sea safe me. Sea return favour!” Sirena smiled, but her words made even less sense now.

“We’ll believe you!” Mister Kalue decided to say not, expecting clearer answers from the girl yet.

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