Lady of the Sea

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The Pearlmen

Despite Sirena’s want to get off of the island, David decided to enjoy the more quiet atmosphere that came with the island compared to back home. Even Sirena eased into the idea of having fun, so long as she could keep her hat on at all times. She was convince, like an ostrich with head’s head buried in a hole, that with her hat on the monsters wouldn’t be able to find her.

Trying to stay clear from eerie shadows and ‘scary’ people she ended up hiding in under one of the beach’s giant umbrellas that was still closed… Only her feet sticking out as she stood on the concrete block that was cast as a weight stand and support for the umbrella and not knowing that she was sharing the hiding spot with another pair of feet…

“So who are you hiding from?” Came a gentle voice. Nearly hitting the guy with a smooth round skipping like stone that she had picked up, before her paranoia kicked in.

“Be glad you not scary!” Sirena hissed at him once she saw his kinder eyes.

“Sorry I scared you. So you who are you hiding from?” He asked again.

“Monsters.” She snared as her eyes darted to a sound from her right and calming when she recognized it as Jacobs and Margret’s voices.

“Sirena? Come on, we’ll head on back to the hotel. I honestly didn’t think you’d hate being at the beach. You love the sea, so I though at least that would have calmed you a bit. Clair is worried about you, she thinks she scared you off. Sirena, darling? Please come out from under there!” Margret pleaded with the girl.

“Si-Si! Look! I found a shell!” Jacob called after her, using the nickname he gave her. Taking a deep breath, Sirena calmed her nerves.

“Just wait.” Came her shaky voice.

“Alright. We’ll be sitting inside the café. Clair said she wanted to get you an apology milkshake.” This perked Sirena’s interest. Listening to Jacob complain since she hadn’t looked at the shell he had found she turned her attention back to the stranger.

“Chris.” He introduced himself.

“Sirena.” Sirena looked at him in puzzlement.

“Why are you hiding?” Sirena asked him the same question.

“There’s this dude that thinks I know some surfer and writer and won’t stop pestering me about it! I didn’t know who he was speaking of until he asked about some guy named Pearlman, the mythical legendary surfer.” At the mention of the name Pearlman Sirena seemed to go ghostly pale.

“Wait!” He took her by the shoulders when he saw her trying to step back and away from him.”

“You know him, don’t you?” He asked, seeing her eyes widen in fear.

“I didn’t think anyone knew him. I thought I made him up… The kid seemed to know his name, but…” Sirena saw Chris’ own fear.

“I mean I don’t even know who the man is or how he looks, but for some reason I just feel like I should be afraid of him.”

“You shouldn’t say his name… He’ll find you… He’ll find me… He’ll… They will… You shouldn’t let them find you!” Sirena said ducking and rolling from beneath the umbrella, running as fast she could towards the café. Chris struggled out from underneath, tripping when his flip-flop got trapped in the sand. Deciding to ditch shoe wear he ran after the agile black haired beauty.

As the trees stirred the wind caught hold of her hat, having panicked and trying to grab her hat, she saw Chris run after her, catching her hat just as it flailed past him.

“Here. Your hat!” Giving her a warm smile, she could almost forget about the monsters she suspected was watching her.

“Do you want milkshake?” Sirena asked pointing to the café where Margret was waving them both over.

“Sure!” He said and walked beside Sirena.

“Clair. I sorry for running. Got scared and not your fault.” Sirena apologized for making Clair worry.

“No. I shouldn’t have tried scaring you. If I didn’t then you might not have gotten scared at all.” The two girls seemed to make-up and quickly wore their goofy smiles again.

“Where is David?” Sirena asked not having seen the man for the entire day so far.

“He is went to talk with Ed and some other person. You’ll see him tonight.” Margret assured Sirena.

“No who is this gentleman?” Margret teased and for the first time saw Sirena blush.

“Oh… Now I have to get to know this gentleman!” Chris introduced himself and the rest of the day went by with only laughs and games. The paranoia all but forgotten…

Ed and Sandra had found a total of nineteen cases of girls going missing that fit some similar characteristics as Sirena, not all of them with black hair and or blue eyes, but rather the fact that they went missing after being last seen near the sea and reporting that there were monsters after them. Not all of the girls though went missing on one of the Hawaii islands, eight were from the mainland; Miami, New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans and San Francisco. Coordinating between the police departments across the states as well as with the FBI; they were trying to find any connection they could that linked the missing girls with each other and possibly also to the victims that they were sure were the victims of the Black Pearl Murderer.

David had asked Ed to look into similar cases such as that as Delian’s and ‘Pearl’s’ case too. Nine similar cases were found of either a woman or man shot and stating something before they died that suggested that their killer has abducted someone close to the victim… And all nine bodies were never buried, which Ed found out was the one thing that truly made these nine cases fit with that of Denial’s; that and that the reports never showed that the bodies just disappeared, thinking that they were released... It was only when another missing girl was reported later that week that they were sure that the dead girls, the people shot and a loved one taken and the missing girls were all related as well as a few men disappearing as well when they found several other reports of guys not coming home to their girlfriends and leaving only a note that read ‘The Pearlmen are coming’ and e-texts being send to random people about monsters out for the ‘children of the sea’….

Written next to a handful of pearls where the word “Monsters” and “Don’t trust the Pearlmen”. A hiker had reported to the police that he tried to stop the girl, but she just jumped… Rather walked off a cliff and disappearing into the sea below. They had still to find the girl. Descriptions where that of twenty-one, blue eyes light brown hair. Her parents had come forward only a short few hours later, when she had not met up with them for her brother’s fourteenth birthday party. Her brother telling them that she had told him she had to hide only a day ago… That she was sure someone was coming to kill her… Someone obsessed with luring out someone named “Pearl”…

“Who is the Pearlmen?” Ed asked an FBI agent who was specifically assigned to investigate the increase in these strange missing cases.

“I have no idea, only guess is it could be the two brothers that wrote the Children of the Ocean Myth or Real books. They were rising star surfers at the time until Darwin drowned. The man was suffering from hallucinations telling tall tales of a girl singing from upon rocks on that lined the beach and when he tried to get close she would jump and disappear into the water. Later he reported in one of his and his brother’s books that the girl had black hair and blue eyes. Apparently this illusion came to his house one night and asked him to help her return to the sea, called herself Pearl…”

“Our killer has to be Heinz Pearlman then. It makes sense. Leaving a pearl with every girl he killed, the fact that all the girls the suspect has killed in this manner had blue eyes and black hair. He must have sent some sort of threat to these girls that went missing. The people being killed and their bodies disappearing… I think he might have went to steal their bodies, make them disappear like he believed his brother did. The guys that went missing I think might be related to the girls that went missing in some way. We just need to find out exactly how they are connected. If we do we might be able to figure out who his next targets are. We might be able to find the missing people as well, hopefully alive!” Ed said and immediately getting his phone out to call David.

“I think David might be able to help us catch this guy!” Ed said waiting for David to pick up.

“David, meet me at the station. We think we know who the suspect is; we need your help in catching the guy.”

David couldn’t believe what Ed was suggesting. Having Sirena be bait to lure the very man that she’s so afraid.

“No!” David protested.

“If he’s caught, she won’t have to be afraid! We can save the others that are hiding from him too and find out what happened to the people he took. This isn’t just about her. Lives are at stake here and I promise she’ll be safe, he won’t get close to her. We’ll catch him before he can take one step closer to her than what we’ll allow for comfort!” The FBI agent told David.

“No. And that is final! You should have seen Sirena. Just the thought that someone is watching her and she bolts to go hide. The only reason she hasn’t been as jittery the last two days is because of this surfer, Chris, he seems to know how to calm her down.”

“We’ll let him stay close to her then as well. But we need her to play the part of his ‘next victim’.”

“I won’t allow it!”

“He’ll come after her sooner or later. We’re holding the reporters off from airing any news on her, but it’s only a matter of time before someone digs something up and they decide to make it public. If he is who we think he is; you can be sure that he wants her dead!”

“Then I’ll keep her safe, but I will not let her be your pawn!” David raised his voice and gaining a few gazes from other officers that tried to leer through the office’s blinds to where they were arguing behind closed doors.

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