Lady of the Sea

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Hacking News

6th October 2017 – Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

“More news on the Mystery Girl of Ocean Beach, coming up next!” The news caster announced just before the commercial break was aired.

“Two weeks ago during PG&E’s Safe The Ocean function to raise funds to cleaning oil spills a girl was spotted casually walking out of the sea and onto the beach naked. It is still unclear to who exactly the girl is as anonymous source stated that the girl has no memory of who she is or where she came from. Further investigation into who this girl is leads to speculation that she might have been a victim of the ghost serial killer nicknamed The Black Pearl Murderer. Thought to be one Lia Kalue, the Mystery Girl remains unknown after a witness stated that the Kalue family does not know who the girl is, but at first look could have been sure she might have been Lia, her likeness a mirror reflection.” The reporter stated with a practiced voice and images of Lia and the girl from the beach side by side.

“Found you…” A deep voice sounded hollow in the small cramped room. The man stood up from his seat and took the few feet separating him and the TV, touching his hand to the screen as if doing so he could pull the Mystery Girl from it to stand before him in person.

“After an entire year, I finally found your precious little sister… I’ll make you suffer! Then…” The man his gun that rested on the coffee table, pointing it to the television.

“I’ll be coming for you! If I can’t have you no one will!” He pulled the trigger and the bullet ripped through the TV.

“Their blood has made me stronger, I’ll be able to reach you this time Pearl…” Getting his computer started up, he bought a ticket for San Francisco before he it send on an e-mail and finally went on to type some kind of article, while he waited for a call.

The telephone rang once, twice, before he picked it up. No voice came from the other side.

“I need you to hack the news for tomorrow night. We’re finally going to be able to reach our goals!” The man said. A monstrous laugh sounded over the phone and was soon joined in by a few more voices…

8th October 2017 – Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

“Sirena come on! We’re going to be late!” Margret called to the girl who just stared out of the window watching as the dark storm clouds drifted in the sky growing in size.

“What about Chris?” She asked already missing him. Margret placed the last of the clothes in the bag and went to stand beside Sirena.

“Poor thing! You like him don’t you?” Sirena nodded.

“He makes me feel happy. I do not miss the sea too much when he is near.” Sirena answered, it was remarkable how fast she was learning.

“I’m sure he’ll miss you as well!” Margret folded her arms around Sirena in trying to comfort the girl.

“He is not like me yet has a connection with the sea. He might be in trouble as well…” Sirena told Margret.

“Hey… Look at me…” Margret lifted Sirena’s chin to see into her eyes.

“He’ll be fine!” The motherly tone and the gentle spoken words were not enough to convince Sirena.

“Si-Si!” Jacob called to Sirena.

“Chris here. Clair said to tell you. Clair and I going with Daddy to get ice cream!” Jacob said running back to the door toward the connected room. Sirena running after him.

“Hi.” Chris greeted casually when he saw Sirena freeze at the door.

“I just came to say bye… And to give you this.” He handed her a box. Opening it she found a shell pendant.

“It’s small but if you hold it close to your ear and listen really carefully you might be able to hear the sea in it.” He said keeping his eyes wondering the room instead of watching her, but when his eyes did linger for a moment on her he was as red as a tomato.

“Thank you… I… I am going to miss you…” Sirena said then stepped in closer to him to give him a kiss on the cheek.

“I’m going to finish my studies at San Francisco State University… So if you want… We could meet up?” Sirena’s cheerfulness returned.

“Yes!” She said sounding more excited than she wanted to let on that she was.

Both of them seemed to be happier than just moments ago. Margret handed her cell number to Chris telling him he could call her if he wanted to speak with Sirena, but that she would see to get Sirena her own cell so that they didn’t have to depend on a middleman just to speak with each other.

Sirena was already counting down the last few days to the months before Chris would move to where they could be nearer. At the airport Sirena didn’t want to leave as it meant letting go of Chris’ warm hand in hers.

“Don’t you think they’re going a bit too fast?” David whispered into his wife’s ear.

“Oh please! We were talking marriage on our very first date the very same night that we met!” Margret laughed.

“And look were we are now, two wonderful children, a beautiful home on the beach, helping a girl who is already like an older sister for Clair and a daughter to us. David, they still taking it relaxed compared to us.” Margret kissed her husband.

“Jacob! Don’t you dare!” Margret turned from romantic to motherly witch in a split second when she saw her little boy trying to climb onto the weighing belt at the check in.

“Clair take your brother’s hand and keep him from running off. Stay close to Sirena too.” Margret gave her daughter instructions, while she got out their passports and Sirena’s Hastened ID papers and temporally passport.

“Sorry misses Augustus, but we need proof of guardianship for her to have her fly.” The attendant said.

“It should be with the papers I handed you.”

“Yes, sorry.” The lady typed something into the system and printed their tickets.

“Boarding time is in three hours. This is your boarding gate.” The lady encircled the important details on each of the tickets.

“We do hope you have a good flight!” She said with practiced experience and handed back all papers and passports.

Taking her sons free hand, Clair on his other side, they headed through on their way back home. David and Margret secretly sharing their anxiousness, a decision to adopt Sirena.

“Can we go see Meriam and Lillian when home?” Sirena asked.

“Why not?” David agreed. Lillian had already become like a grandmother to Sirena, he could not deny her request. Besides that Meriam was fond of her older version.

When the plane landed, Jacob was already fast asleep. Sirena too had decided to rest her head and ended up sleeping on the short flight. Thankfully leading her by her hand her feet followed suit, giving them no reason to wake her completely.

“Clair, would you be an angel and make sure Sirena doesn’t wonder off. Keep her hand, don’t let go!” David said as he went to get their bags that had just dropped onto the carrousel. Margret having taken Jacob and went on ahead to get their car.

“Hey little girl are you lost?” A young man asked. Clair looked the man in the eyes, not liking how he looked at her and then at Sirena, pulled Sirena closer to where David stood amongst the multitude of passengers there to gather their bags.

“Hey no need to be afraid. Is this your sister? A sleep walker I see.” The man stepped around her stopping her from leaving.

“I’m not allowed to speak to strangers!” Clair said pouting.

“I do see you point. Very well, my name is Phillip. Now I’m not a stranger right?” Clair shook her head.

“You still are! Papa!” Clair screamed, alert David spun to see the man grabbing his daughter by the shoulders.

“Let go of the girl and hands behind your back!” A deep voice spoke while a familiar woman dressed in her uniform pointed her gun at the man.

“Ed! Sandra!” David was pleased to see the two of them.

“You didn’t think we would let Sirena here go somewhere where we aren’t sure she’ll be perfectly safe did you? Like I said and the FBI agents, we’ll protect her. We know he’s after her when he’ll come after her that we don’t know.” Ed said while he cuffed the man, the airport security arriving to lead the man away.

“Sleep walker? She must be really tired to still be sleeping after Clair’s banshee scream.” Sandra went to her knees to look Clair in the eyes.

“You’re a brave girl, and smart! If you didn’t scream that man might have gotten away, with you and Sirena!” Sandra praised the nine year old.

“Now we have more serious business to talk about. The news is out. Three days ago, her story hit the every news channel and ever newspaper out there. Even the radios are talking about her who the Mystery Girl might be and why the suspect is still allowed to roam free.” Ed informed David as they headed out of the airport towards the car park.

“Can you guarantee her safety one-hundred present?” David asked, as if ready to consider their plan.

“We can!” They entered the car park, Margret waiting nearby, car already ideling.

“Get in the car, Princess.” David held the door open for Clair and then got Sirena in the car.

“Then make sure your plan includes me! Me and Margret are going to adopt her, give her a proper home if she’ll allow us, so I need to be a part of this, so I need to keep her safe!” David gave his consent.

The day was spent in awkward silence watching Sirena, Clair and Meriam talk and play even Jacob was having fun as Meriam kept trying to unpack a box of toys. Sitting on the floor despite the nurses’ protesting, the children were easily kept out of the adult’s worries as they watched the news that blurred on the small television the sound just so that they could hear and not have it disturb the young ones’ innocent playing.

“Further research into the Mystery Girl’s identity, it is believed that she…” The channel went dark and silent.

“… Pearl, if you are out there, I’m coming for you! You had me kill my brother and then that boy, all because of your stubbornness… The others aren’t happy with you or your kind either… If you don’t want your most precious little sister to die then you have four months to bring us what we want and agree to join me. If you refuse… She…” The distorted voice went quiet and a picture of Sirena flicked into life.

“Dies along with every other of you we can find! Don’t try to be a foolish hero! We haven’t been returning your kind to the water for no reason… We’re stronger than before we’ll come for you if we must!” The image of Sirena disappeared and a chaotic news room was back on air.

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