Katherines darkest secret

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This story is about a 18 year old girl named kathrine she goes to high school and is adopted by these two couples named Victoria and Joseph , one night kathrine went out into the wood's as she was walking she heard a yell , she thought to herself ' i wonder what that yell came from & it sounded like a person yelling for help i must go see and help him or her ' and so she kept walking to it but before she could get there , there was a full moon coming out & she started to fell different in a strange way , she looked at herself in a mirro she had with her as she looked at herself , her eyes became yellow. Can she handel what her darkest secret is ?

Mystery / Fantasy
Andrea Hogan
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

My name is Katherine im 18 years old , i go to high school , i was adopted i never got to find out who my real parents are or what happened to them .
'Kathrine wake up time to go to school!!!!!!' Yelled her parents , so Katherine got up and got dressed ' ok im ready to go now!!' She said .
So she got down the stairs and she went off to school ' omg it's him ' she saw him he's name is Elijah he's 19 just a year older then her he has brown hair and hazel eye's , he walked over to her .. She started to blush ' hi is everything ok ' she said
'Hi and yes everything is ok i wanted to ask you if you like to come to my party my parents are out of town they went to Hawaii for the weekend and thought id ask if you want to come '
'Omg is he talking to me ? ' she asked herself as her heart was beating fast , it felt as it could just burst out of my chest
'Um ...yeah ' so he wrote he's phone number and gave it to her , and he said
' here is my phone number call me if you are coming or not and if i was you i would come it's at 9pm dont miss out '
' omg did this just happen or is this a dream ' she asked herself , she heard the bell ring 'ring ring' so she went off to her next class , she sat down and said ' wow what a day !'
'Now class ' she couldn't help but to think of him , now class was over she waited for her parents to pick her up she got home
And went up stairs , she started to smell something and went down stairs and said yummm ' what y'all cooking ' she asked
' it's you're favourite spaghetti ' will im off tonight ' she said ...' Ok be safe we love you and if you want some be here on time
They said. so she grabed her jacket and went off , but there was a full moon coming out she heard a yell , she thought to herself' what was that sounds like a person is yelling for help ' she went off to help but she started to fell different in a strange way , she grab her mirro she had with her and looked her eyes were turning yellow
Can she handel her truest darkest secret ?
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