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Everyone has a past they regret, but when your dark past starts haunting you down in your present when you're already suffocating, you either get through it or it destroys everything you're left with.  Join the journey of Zara Almasi where she's seeking the truth behind the death of her best friend when the whole world blames her for it. Find out the secrets that are keeping her up all night, Get into the shoes of someone who's drowning deeper into their own guilt and pain each day   Witness true love, true heartbreak, how broken people Can still smile with bleeding hearts But be careful everyone here has a secret that they kept away from every eye until a hurricane hits. A dangerously handsome and arrogant hurricane that knows no limits, has no fears and everything turns upside down when he starts uncovering the truth. It's not a love story, It's a tale of broken heart's. "If you didn't kill her then why are you so scared of the truth Zara?" Content warning: This story is for the matured audience. Involves suicide attempts, usage of abusive language, death, might be mentally disturbing for some people 18+.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

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