The King's Antidote

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A poor man named Ren has no more family left, until he meets this strange man. Ren has been also hearing over the news that there are groups of man-eating demons drinking people's blood. Ren would go outside every night to see if the man was still there, and he always is! Is he a vampire just stalking his prey? Or is he trying to help Ren to leading a safe place to escape this madness... Read to find out!

Mystery / Fantasy
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Author's Note:

Now, I’m kind of new to this uploading thing and I’ve been keeping my novels to myself because I’m very nervous about doing this, and I hope you all readers will love my content. I did a free write on paper with most of these chapters that I’m going to be uploading every Wednesday because I don’t have a lot of free time on my hands. But I love making short stories for people to enjoy. I hope that you will like this novel in the future and I hope you have a great time reading it. Thank you and now the author is going to leave you a few idea’s what the author is like!

- I have a dog, her name is Sadie. She’s adorable.

- I love drawing but I’m not very talented at it.

- Like’s anime, mostly watches My Hero Academia, Haikyuu!! or The Promised Neverland

- I like writing on my free time if I don’t have any school work to do.

- I’m in Middle school, going up to the High School next year ^^

- I’m a female, but I want to express my identity as a male.

- I don’t have a lot of friends, only online.

I hope this gives you an idea what the author likes doing or what the author is like, thank you for reading and I’ll try to upload the chapters! :)


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