The Murder Of Mr. Brown

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He just went out for a walk but never came back. When the family started to search, they found a lifeless body of Mr.Brown in the garden. 'Lung cancer' they said but then why call it a murder? Benjamin Brown, a people's person, then who could've killed him? And why? What will happen when his beloved brother hires a private investigator in order to dig truths about Benjamin's death? Join the Brown family as they unravel secrets which have been buried six feet under with Mr. Brown.

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1

It was a pleasant afternoon in the busy streets of Manhattan. Thierry James, who was a not-so-famous private investigator was simply taking a nap in his office when his mobile rang.  “Hello, am I speaking to Mr. Thierry?” asked an unknown voice “Yes, you are. How may I help you?” Thierry replied. “Mr. Thierry, I am Daniel Brown and I would like to have a word with you, you can consider it as your new case” A smile appeared on Thierry’s face. “Oh. Sure, please text me when and where do you want to meet” “Now” said the man in a low voice “I’ll send you the address on the same number.” Before Thierry could say something, Daniel had already hung up. Thierry James had just begun his life with his not so simple profession. He just solved a few cases in the past two months. Some were tricky while some just a piece of cake.

In less than twenty minutes Thierry reached the East Village, exactly the place which Daniel sent him. He saw a person waving near his car. He waved back and approached him. “Detective Thierry?” asked the person. “Daniel Brown, if I’m not wrong?” Daniel nodded and they went to a nearby coffee shop.

Daniel began, “Okay, so I don’t want to take a lot of time in this talk.” Thierry nodded in affirmative. “I think my brother was murdered... He was the most joyful person in my life and also the reason why I became successful. He died 3 days ago. I’ll get you all you need. I’m ready to pay any amount you say.” He was on the brink of breaking down but, before he could continue, Thierry stopped him. “Hey man, listen up, I have enough money, I’ll help you out, okay? It might take some time but I’ll definitely dig out the truth.”

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