Murder By Design

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Chapter 6

The next morning, Robert Leone walked into the J. Edgar Hoover Building with a stiff back and high spirits.

“I figured it out.” he said, striding over towards Jackson.

The man in question was sitting at his desk, head in his hands and just barely keeping from falling face-first into his coffee. He had enough energy to give his partner a skeptical look, though.

“You figured it out?” Jackson asked, snorting in derision. “Yeah, okay. How’s your back?”

“Shut up.” Leone grumbled, making RJ laugh.

“So what did the little Redbird come up with?” Jackson asked, using his nickname for the woman that he saw as his little sister.

“Date and coordinates.” Leone answered simply, going over to the brand new technology that the Bureau recently invested in. Sure, the laptops were big and bulky, and took awhile to learn how to use, but they had Windows 95 - the fastest software yet. He pulled up a map system, touch-typing in the coordinates while simultaneously continuing the conversation with Ryan.

“How’d she get the first line?” Ryan asked, and Leone chuckled.

“It was the dashes that threw her off at first, but she was filling out paperwork for Danny for school this morning, and figured it out.”

That made Ryan burst out into laughter. “So you’re saying that we’ve been slaving away, trying to figure this thing out for weeks now… and Scarlett figured it out in a night?”


And as the pair headed to let their boss know that they were heading up north on a lead, they came to a silent agreement:

This incident was to never be mentioned again.

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