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Story about two friends. Karoly and xavier. Xavier is the different guy and like to live alone.

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There is a first day in my school,and i am nervous and excite to meet new peoples. I go into the classroom everybody shouting and playing i sit calmly in my seat and i am just silent at all. Teacher come in the class and everybody stand up and say 'Good Morning' teacher say sit down to us.The teaches teach us and there after 3 units over and 'yeah' there is lunch,everybody take out his lunch and eating. I observe that every single person is laughing and talking to each other but one boy sit calmly and there is something hus eye that is so deep and his eye color is yellowish and his body color is white,pure white and his tip of the nose is red and that makes him more beautiful his one arm on desk and other arm or head.One girl come to me she hair is brown and she's eating something and she's too beautiful and say 'hi whats your name? As usual i say My name is Karoly and and i ask here "what's your name?" She tells me her name is sarah and there is nice conversation going on then I'm thinking that who's this guy? Suddenly i ask to sarah "who's this guy?"
She's shock and with bad expression she say to me"that guy! His name is xavier crook.He is just awkward he's not talked to someone till 2 years and he's always there with this behavior". sarah expression is not too good while she's telling about this guy.
We have our lunch during 50 minutes and there is the other teacher come in our class.I go home and all the day I'm just thinked about xavier.Something special in xavier eyes it was so deep and there is a story in his eyes.Next day i go to school and find xavier but he's absent today so i ask to sarah "why he is absent" sarah just reply with bad expression "i don't know but why you are so interested in him?". "Actually i don't know why I'm interestwd in him but he is too different and i love to know difficult things". I make some new friends and talks with teachers i note that every single person is with good behavior except xavier!
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