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Aiden wakes up to a reality, where there are always shadows within a bright future. Struggling to come to terms with his own past, he must also outrun a stalker that wants him dead. Around every corner there seems to be someone, no something waiting for him. Caught between two choices, he must decide which one to choose. One will either destroy who he is, or the other will surely kill him. In a world where right is wrong, and wrong is right. He must find a way to escape, or become a slave to the darkness that lays in wait for us all.

Mystery / Action
Lucius Williams
Age Rating:

Dark Days

As dark clouds filled the cold afternoon, Aiden sat in his recliner looking at the outside world. Every thing moving by so quickly, seeming to have some kind of purpose in life. Life was easy for him though "so why am I complaining?" He muttered the words under his breath, as if they where a trap to him. As he thought about everything in his life, his concentration was Interrupted by the phone ringing. As the phone rang, he sat there and listened to it. "Who could possibly be calling me?" He asked himself. As he started to walk over to pick the phone up, a raspy voice came from it. "Mr. Williams I know you are there, your always there lost in your thoughts and dreams" Aiden stood there in silence, as the caller hung up. Confused as to what just happened, Aiden wondered what the man meant. Perplexed Aiden walked back over to the window, and stared out as the rain came down.
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