The Slayin of Ally Weaver

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Emily Seymour world has flipped upside down. Ally Weaver is dead , and Emily is to blame! She may not remember right now why, when or what happened after - but killing your best friend of 13 years isn't in the ordinary! Will Emily ever remember what caused her to kill her best friend ?

Mystery / Thriller
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"Why did you do it? Tell me!"

This , as far as many, is a question I cant seem to remember....... Why did I do it?
"I don't remember" i said , looking down avoiding eye contact.
"Look, I cant help you - if you dont help me" says in exhausting sigh from man who sits across from me. "I dont remember " I repeat almost sounding robotic at this point. "Damn it! Now you QUIT with these damn GAMES! TELL ME WHAT MADE YOU MURDER ALLY WEAVER ! " A fist comes slamming down on the table before me , as I start to let out a weeping shriek.
The first real emotion I have showed, taking the detective completely off gaurd.
At this time a women enters the plain white room we are sitting in. Nothing is in this room other than a table, 3 white walls and one wall with a reversal mirror. You know, like what you see in all the detective movies and shows. "Hello Emily, I am Rachel lovell. I am your new appointed lawyer." Rachel says with a warm , welcoming smile. She walks towards me wearing a beautiful laced, yellow blouse with a tight black pen-skirt that wraps around her figure perfectly. She stops behind the man who has been interrogating me the last 6 hours and places a hand on his shoulder. "Now Don, don't you have something better to be doing? Almost anything would be more productive than harassing a teen girl , who CLEARLY has been through enough?" Don looks up at Rachel in pure irritation and before he can even let out a reply , she cuts him off. "Please Don, save it. You know that I don't care what you have to say!" Rachel's eye return to me with a smile as officer Don stands and starts to walk out of the room . "What a tool" Rachel smirks. As soon as the door is shut and its just her and I in the room, she sits down in front of me and with a calm ,gentle voice she says "Okay Emily, I understand that whats happened to you in the last 24 hours is more than what most deal with in a lifetime . Having issues remembering traumatic events isn't unusual, its going to take some time for everything to come back to you, thats why I want to start off slow. Lets start with how do you know Ally Weaver?
I looked down , i still cant believe whats happened, warm tears rushing down my face.
"she was my best friend"

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