Wings of Temptation - Evan's Tale - Book #2 of the Evan Matthews Series

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Chapter 10

Evan could hear faint footsteps from inside the house approach the door quickly. With one swift movement, it opened.

Evan and the woman locked eyes. His heart dropped.

It wasn’t her.

“Hi,” the woman outwardly grinned, taking a step back so that Evan could enter. “Come on in, handsome.”

Evan’s first thought was to hurry back to his car, get in, and drive away. But, he didn’t. Instead, he gave the woman a sincere smile and went inside.

Sarah was attractive enough, but her profile photo was at least ten years old. The fine lines around her eyes, forehead, and mouth, nonexistent in her photo, were very much visible in the well-lit entryway. Evan guessed she was in her mid to late 50s, maybe even early 60s, with some cosmetic work. She wore a fitted black t-shirt that showed off her large chest and small waist, and a pair of slim-fitted jeans, with no shoes or socks. Instead of brown hair with subtle highlights, she was now a full blonde with a short, stylish bob.

Regardless of her eye-catching appearance, it was the first time Evan met a woman from the website, whom he did not want to have sex with.

“Can I offer you a drink? I was about to pour a scotch for myself.” She winked at him before strutting into the kitchen. “Come with me.”

He hesitantly followed her. “Sure, that’d be great.”

“Sit down.” Her southern accent was charming yet demanding.

Evan looked around her large kitchen. Tall, white cabinets lined the walls and complimented high-end granite countertops. The kitchen overlooked a spacious formal dining room with a large, oak table fit for at least ten people. The lighting was dim, yet several scented candles cast shadows on the walls with their dancing flames. Evan recognized the scent of vanilla. He immediately thought of Dr. Nelson but put those thoughts aside quickly.

There was no doubt in his mind, the woman had money, and lots of it. He took a seat at the Island, and graciously accepted the glass of scotch from Sarah.

“So, what do you like, handsome? Do you prefer to move this into the bedroom, or should we just do it right here?” Sarah leaned forward, placing both elbows on the Island, showing off her cleavage.

Evan cleared his throat, caught off-guard by her direct question. Usually, he liked to gulp down at least two stiff drinks before discussing sex with strangers. He assumed that made the woman more comfortable but realized it made him more comfortable. “Mind if we have another drink first?”

“Are you shy?” Sarah flirtatiously asked, reaching out to touch his wrist. “I like that.”

Holy shit, he thought. I need to get out of here.

“Why don’t you tell me about yourself, Evan. Maybe that will make you more comfortable. We can take it slow.”

Evan felt his ego deflate. He was usually dominant, so to have a woman take the lead made him uncomfortable, especially one that was thirty years his senior.

What the hell is wrong with me right now? he cursed to himself.

Evan squirmed in his chair, eager to get the attention off himself. “I’d like to know what you do.”

“Okay.” Sarah grinned and strolled around the Island, taking a close seat next to Evan. “I’m a therapist.”

You’ve got to be kidding me, Evan thought. His mind began playing tricks on him. Indeed, he would remember Dr. Nelson if he saw her, even thirteen years later, wouldn’t he? “You’re last name isn’t Nelson, right?”

“No, handsome. My last name isn’t Nelson.” She inched closer, placing her right hand on his knee and dragging it up to his thigh.

Evan pushed his chair back quickly and stood.

“Is everything okay, handsome?”

A noise at the front door made them both turn.

“Shit!” she bellowed out, standing up from her chair and turning in the direction of the noise.

“What?” Evan asked, seemingly confused.

“My boyfriend’s here. He’s a former marine, so you’d better run.”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” Evan cursed under his breath. “Where should I go?” he asked in a panic.

But it was too late to run.

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