Wings of Temptation - Evan's Tale - Book #2 of the Evan Matthews Series

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Chapter 18

The following night was Natasha’s birthday party. Evan had told Emma he was going out of town for a weekend work trip. He wasn’t, though. Instead, he was going to Samantha’s.

“I love you too, baby. Have fun tonight.” Evan hung up the phone and placed it next to his computer. He leaned forward with his elbows on the desk and rubbed his forehead. Whatever he did, he couldn’t cheat on Emma with this girl. She seemed like trouble. For that reason, he hadn’t invited her over to his house.

Evan showered before jumping into his mustang and pulling out of his driveway. He looked in the rearview mirror and braked suddenly. A haggard-looking man with cut off jean shorts and a holey shirt was standing behind him, staring at the rear of Evan’s car that nearly ran him over. Evan rolled down his window and leaned his head out. “Sorry, man. I didn’t see you back there.”

The man nodded without responding.

Evan watched as he made his way into the woods, caddy-corner from Evan’s house, and disappeared. Evan assumed he was homeless. Without thinking twice, he pulled back into his driveway, went inside his house, and double-checked the locks on his windows and doors.

He left again, and fifteen minutes later, he arrived at Samantha’s.

Evan pulled into her driveway and parked before picking up his phone. He compared the house number prominently displayed above the dark blue front door against the text Samantha had sent him that morning. It was the right house. He hesitated and then opened his door to get out.

Her house was small yet well-manicured, with an inviting front porch that complimented the white wood siding. He imagined that she rented it with a roommate. He stopped in his tracks at that thought. What if she had a roommate who recognized him? In a split decision, Evan changed his mind about seeing Samantha and turned back to his car.

“Hey, you!”


He stopped in his tracks before turning toward the sound of Samantha’s voice. His mouth dropped at the sight of her.

“I’m glad you showed up.”

“Okay,” he stammered, mesmerized by her silky white fitted tee that left nothing to the imagination. Beyond that, she wore a lacy pair of matching panties. That was it.

Samantha raised her pointer finger to her hair and twirled a curl around her fingertip. “Want to come in?”


“Well, don’t just stand there,” she bellowed in her charming southern accent. “You came here for a reason, didn’t you?”

“Look,” Evan began, moving his gaze toward the rocking chair on her front porch and avoiding eye contact. “We know each other. Tell me how.”

“Wow, you don’t remember me?”

Evan’s gaze lingered on the chair. Samantha’s curvy frame remained in the corner of his eyesight, but he refused to focus on her. “Just tell me.”

“Come inside. Let’s talk.”


“I don’t bite,” she giggled, “unless you want me to.”

Evan moved his gaze back to Samantha.

“I’m joking,” she said. “Come on in. I’ll get dressed if that makes you more comfortable.”

Evan nodded and hesitantly walked toward her front steps.

“Well damn, I’ve never had to use that line with a guy before.” Samantha, obviously feeling defeated, turned abruptly and walked inside her house, leaving Evan outside.

Evan stopped at the bottom step and stared at the half-closed door in front of him, wondering if he should go inside. He nearly turned to leave when Samantha appeared in front of him again, this time with pants on. She still wore the same see-through tee, without a bra.

“Come in,” she said. “I told you I wouldn’t bite.”

Evan continued up the stairs and followed Samantha inside, shutting the door behind them.

“Do you have a roommate?” he asked.

Samantha turned to him and nodded. “I do.”

“Is she home?”

“What makes you think it’s a she?” Samantha walked into her kitchen and grabbed a bottle of vodka from her pantry. “Want a glass?”

“Yes,” Evan responded, without hesitation. “So, you have a guy roommate?”

Samantha rolled her eyes and poured a glass of vodka for both her and Evan. “What’s it matter?”

“I just want to know if I should be on the lookout for a guy that wants to kick my ass, that’s all.”

Samantha grinned before offering the glass of vodka to Evan. “Nobody here will want to kick your ass,” she said. “Well, maybe my cousin will if she sees you, but she’s not a he.”

“Is your cousin, your roommate?” Evan asked, with a sense of relief.

Samantha nodded. “Yes, she’s my roommate. She’ll be home later.”

Evan brought the vodka to his lips and gulped the entire glass within seconds. “I’ll have another. Make it a double.”

Samantha smiled. “Is something wrong?” She grabbed his glass and filled it to the brim with vodka before handing it back to him.

“I have a girlfriend. You know this. So, just tell me what your note meant. Why am I here?”

“You tell me. You came over because you’re interested in finishing what we started.”

“I don’t even know you!” Evan declared before taking another long sip of his drink. She still looked familiar to him, but for the life of him, he couldn’t place her.

Samantha set her glass down on the Island that separated them. She walked around it and took Evan’s drink from him, placing it beside her glass.

Evan had only had one full glass of vodka, but he felt foggy.

Samantha reached up to him and caressed his cheek. “Let me remind you who I am, Evan.” She grabbed his hand.

“I have a girlfriend,” he insisted, feeling dizzy. Something was wrong.

“Shh.” Samantha squeezed his hand and pulled him toward her. “Come lay down. You don’t look well.”

Samantha pulled Evan to her bedroom and shut the door behind them. “Sit down. Make yourself comfortable.”

Evan sat on the edge of the bed and tried to focus on the woman in front of him. The room was spinning. He had lost all sense of reality and had no idea where he was.

Samantha moved across his lap and kissed his ear. Her nails skimmed the back of his neck as she breathed softly against his cheek.

Evan focused on the outline of the woman sitting on him. “Turn around,” Evan commanded with slurred words.

Samantha stood from his lap and turned with her back facing him. Her silky, white shirt was short enough to reveal a small tattoo on her lower back.

Evan softly grabbed her left hip, pulling her to him, and lifted her shirt to reveal the tattoo before leaning in to kiss it. He pulled away. “When did you get a tattoo, Emma?”

Samantha turned around and pushed him down onto her bed. “Just relax, handsome. You won’t regret this.”

Evan laid back on the bed, feeling confused, and for reasons he couldn’t comprehend, he was very much filled with regret.

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