Wings of Temptation - Evan's Tale - Book #2 of the Evan Matthews Series

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Chapter 27

“So, what can I do for you, Evan?” Dr. Thorne’s graying mustache framed his upper lip as he spoke. He leaned away from Evan with crossed legs, mimicking his body language.

Evan shrugged. Instead of responding, his eye wandered to several framed diplomas hung on the wall over Dr. Thorne’s head. He certainly wasn’t as attractive as Evan’s last therapist. Nevertheless, thoughts of Dr. Nelson brought Evan back to reality and why he was there, to begin with. “I don’t even know where to start,” Evan spoke with nervous laughter.

Dr. Thorne nodded with a genuine smile. “Well, why don’t you tell me what brought you in here today? What prompted your phone call?”

Fearing that he would be judge, Evan remained quiet.

“This is a judgement-free zone, by the way,” Dr. Thorne continued, seemingly reading Evan’s mind.

Evan sighed deeply before clearing his throat. “Her name was Dr. Nelson.”


The drive home from Dr. Thorne’s took Evan in a direction he hadn’t planned before stepping out of the therapist’s office. All that talk of Dr. Nelson imprinted an image in Evan’s brain that he just couldn’t shake. Instead of forgetting about her, like he hoped therapy would do, she was more imprinted in his brain than ever. He needed to talk to her, to touch her. So, he planned on doing that in the only way he knew how; with someone who looked like her.

A text alert on his phone distracted Evan from his shambolic thoughts. He removed his eyes from the road to look at his cell phone, sitting on the center console.

Hey baby. I’ll be done showing property in about two hours. Dinner tonight? Let me know. Love you xo

Evan’s gaze moved back to the road, and he pressed his lips together sourly. What the hell am I doing?

Curtly, he pressed the brake and turned quickly into the driveway of his destination.

Samantha was sitting on her front porch, reading. She looked up to see Evan’s mustang come to a sudden stop in her driveway. With an intrigued grin on her face, she put her book down and stood to lean against a wooden beam aligning her front porch. Samantha watched as Evan got out of his vehicle and approached her quickly.

“Well, well, well. Why do I have the honor of..?”

Stopping her mid-sentence, Evan wrapped his arms around Samantha and kissed her vehemently. Before long, they had moved into her bedroom, giving Samantha the long-awaited satisfaction that she so desperately desired.

Twenty minutes later, Evan laid motionless on Samantha’s bed, watching her ceiling fan spin round and round. Samantha’s head rested on his shoulder as she rubbed his chest lightly.

Evan’s gaze moved from the ceiling fan to the shelf of picture frames that caused him to flee the last time he was there. The photo of her and Amanda at the beach was gone. Amanda! He hadn’t even thought about her as he foolishly drove to Samantha’s because he only had one thing on his mind. “Amanda’s not here, is she?”

Samantha raised herself from Evan’s shoulder and looked down at him with a grin. “She moved out.” She lowered herself back onto the bed and wrapped her arm around Evan’s waist. “This feels nice.”

Knots formed tightly in Evan’s stomach. I’m doing this for Emma. He slowly raised himself to a seated position, forcing Samantha to sit up.

“Where are you going?”

Evan pressed his lips into a forced smile. “I have some work to do at the office. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, okay.”

The truth was he had only worked a half day so he could begin his first therapy session at 3:30 that afternoon. Evan got up from the bed and quickly dressed.

“I’m thrilled that you came over,” Samantha happily murmured, still lying in bed with the sheets loosely covering her body.

Feelings of guilt encompassed Evan’s body as he looked down at the beautiful brunette, staring up at him with puppy dog eyes. It was evident that she wanted so much more than he could offer. Without thinking twice himself, he leaned forward and gently kissed her forehead. “I’ll let myself out.” He turned and hurried out of her bedroom and out the front door to his car.

His phone was still sitting atop his center console. He picked it up to find two more text messages from Emma.


I called your office, and you weren’t there. Are you okay?

Evan quickly responded. Sorry, I got a flat tire on the way home. Dinner sounds great. I’ll come by and pick you up in about an hour. I’ll even stay at your house tonight. Tell Toby he’ll have to share the bed.

Rolling his eyes at the thought of her cat, he put the gear into drive and headed home to shower. Surely, after the last half-hour he’d spent with Samantha, there would be no scandalous thoughts of Dr. Nelson tonight, and he could focus solely on sweet, sweet Emma.

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