Wings of Temptation - Evan's Tale - Book #2 of the Evan Matthews Series

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Chapter 3

“Tell me about your day, Evan.”

Evan sat across from Dr. Nelson for his fourth visit and admired the way her dark, wavy hair laid perfectly atop her red, fitted blouse. He knew beautiful women like her existed after finding his dad’s stash of Playboy’s in the attic one night. Still, he had never seen anyone as attractive in person, even though she was fully clothed, unlike the women in the magazines.


Evan quickly shifted his gaze from her hair to her eyes. “It was fine.”

“You seem to have something on your mind. Would you like to talk about it?”

Even from across the room, Evan could smell vanilla, which he guessed was her lotion. He knew it was vanilla because Lucy wore the same scent. It smelled so much better on Dr. Nelson.

“If you don’t want to talk about it, that’s okay.”

Evan pulled himself out of his thoughts and looked directly into Dr. Nelson’s warm, brown eyes again. “Sorry, I guess I do have some stuff on my mind. I signed up for the track team and had my first practice yesterday.”

Dr. Nelson offered Evan a big grin. “That’s wonderful, Evan. How did it go?”

“It was good. I ran a 4.02 mile,” Evan flatly stated.

Dr. Nelson’s eyes widened. “Evan, that’s incredible!”

Evan straightened his postured and smiled. “It’s okay,” he said, shrugging his shoulders.

“It’s more than okay. You should be very proud of yourself.”

Evan was proud of himself. He was even prouder that he turned Lucy down after she ran up to him after his mile run, hugged him, and asked him to go out again.

“I have another girlfriend,” he had told her, shrugging off her hug before taking a step back.

The sad look in her eyes made him feel guilty, but only for a brief second. All he had to do was think about Dr. Nelson, and those guilty thoughts subsided quickly.

“I also got straight A’s on my report card.”

Dr. Nelson offered Evan another big grin. “That’s amazing, Evan. Have you always had straight A’s?”

Evan’s self-esteem skyrocketed as they spoke.

“No. Before now, I was getting B’s.”

“What do you think has contributed to your good grades?”

“I met someone new.”

Dr. Nelson shifted uncomfortably in her chair before crossing one leg over the other. “What do you mean by that?”

“A girl. Well, she’s not a girl. She’s a little more mature than me.”

“Evan, you understand that you can’t contribute your achievements to other people, right? You’re solely responsible for your success in life.”

“You help me be a better person, though.” Evan shrugged. “If I can’t contribute my achievements to you, then why am I here?”

Dr. Nelson remained silent. It was such a mature statement from a fourteen-year-old that she wasn’t quite sure how to respond. She had been in this kind of predicament before, though, and knew what needed to happen.

After excusing Evan from his session, she asked Donna to follow her into her office.

“I can’t be Evan’s therapist anymore.”

Donna’s mouth dropped. “But, he’s been doing so well since he started seeing you. He’s running track now, and his grades are phenomenal! I don’t understand. Why can’t you be his therapist?”

“I think that Evan is developing feelings for me. Please understand how difficult this is for me to tell you this. I think it would be best for Evan to see another therapist, preferably a male.”

“Oh, for the love of God.” Donna raised her hands to her face and firmly rubbed her forehead with her fingertips. She dropped both hands to her lap with a sigh. “I understand. Do you have any recommendations for someone else?”

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