Wings of Temptation - Evan's Tale - Book #2 of the Evan Matthews Series

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Chapter 31

Evan awoke to the sound of Toby meowing in the kitchen. He squinted to let his eyes adjust to the light shining brightly through Emma’s window. He could hear her in the kitchen, undoubtedly feeding her cat, which is why he was making such a stir. She obviously wasn’t feeding Toby fast enough. Evan hated that cat.

A moment later, Emma appeared in the doorway with a cup of coffee in hand. She placed it on the nightstand beside the bed. “Rise and shine, handsome! There’s a cup of coffee for you. Happy Friday, by the way!”

Evan glanced at the alarm clock next to the cup of coffee. It was 8:05 AM, and he had overslept. “Damn,” he said, sitting up quickly. “I didn’t hear my alarm go off. I’m going to be late to work.”

Emma smiled and leaned down to kiss his cheek. “Sounds like you’ll be in trouble with HR.”

“Very funny.” He grabbed her arm and pulled her down onto the bed. She fell on his lap with a giggle.

“Evan, stop!” she laughed. “I have my monthly sales meeting this morning, so I have to get going. Take your time and drink your coffee. Your office isn’t going anywhere.” She gazed into his eyes before kissing his nose. “Will I see you tonight?”

“I have a date. Raincheck for tomorrow?”

“Very funny.” Emma stood from the bed and knelt to pet Toby, who had just wandered into the room. “Bye, handsome. Don’t let this guy give you any trouble.”

“He’s not a fan of me sleeping over.” Evan reached for the coffee and took a sip. The scent of hazelnut filled the air as he swirled his coffee around. “This is good. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Emma stood to kiss Evan again. “I love you.”

“I love you too, and yes, I’ll see you tonight.”

“Good,” she smiled and left the room. Moments later, Evan heard the front door open and shut.

Evan placed his coffee on the nightstand then rolled to the other side of the bed to reach for his phone on the floor. He was mad at himself for not setting the alarm. However, those thoughts quickly subsided as Evan picked up the phone and looked at the screen.

Can you come over? We need to talk.

Evan’s heart sank. The text message from Samantha he had been dreading had finally arrived. She had to be pregnant. Why else would she have invited him over? A knot formed in the pit of his stomach. How was he supposed to break the news to Emma? She was going to hate him. He hated himself.

Evan shook those thoughts aside and climbed out of bed, making a beeline to the shower. He could not stress about it right now. He had to go to work.

An hour later, Evan found himself in deep thought at his office desk. He still hadn’t responded to Samantha’s text message. What would he say? He had to go see her and find out if she was pregnant. If she was, that meant Samantha would be in his life forever unless she had an abortion. Would he be happy if she had an abortion? Probably not.

Evan’s thoughts were interrupted by a noise at the door. He turned to see Nick walking quickly into his office and shutting the door behind him. One good look at Nick’s face made Evan gasp. “What the hell happened to your eye?”

Nick took a seat across from Evan. “I swear nothing happened between Natasha and me.”

“Nick, what the hell happened to you?”

Nick took a deep breath before continuing. “I got a text from Natasha last night asking me to meet her at Chatters Bar and Restaurant. I didn’t even make it up the stairs to the top deck before some dude jumped me and told me to keep my hands off of her! I don’t even know who the hell he was!”

“Was he about 6’ with short, brown hair? Looked like a real meathead?”

Nick nodded. “You know him?”

“Yeah, I know him. It’s Natasha’s boyfriend, Matt.”

“Well, how did he know who I was? I swear I’ve never seen him before!”

“You can find anyone online, Nick. He probably looked you up by your phone number. Did you give your number to Natasha?”

Nick lowered his gaze, avoiding eye contact with Evan. “Well, yeah.” He looked up again. “But I swear nothing happened between us!”

“Listen, Nick. I’m not upset with you. I’m upset with that douche bag, Matt. I’ll talk with him.”

“Thanks.” Nick stood. “I’m sorry. I know you said to leave her alone. But I promise you that nothing happened between us.”

“I believe you. Now let’s move on and get back to work, okay?”

Nick nodded and turned to leave. He stopped at the doorway and turned back to Evan. “I’m guessing Natasha won’t be coming back?”

Evan grunted. “You got that right.”

Nick frowned and left.

Evan picked up his phone to text Emma. You won’t believe what just happened.

Emma responded that she wasn’t surprised to hear what Matt did to Nick because he had always been a loose cannon. I don’t know what Natasha sees in him. I guess not everyone’s man can be as perfect as you xoxo.

Evan frowned. His thoughts turned to Samantha. He would have to go to her house after work because he couldn’t let terrible thoughts eat him up any longer. Evan had to know if he was going to be a father or not. A father? Holy shit.

He pulled up Samantha’s text on his phone and began to respond. Can I come over tonight?

She responded almost instantly with a yes. Evan would have to tell Emma he was going out of town again for work. If Samantha was pregnant, he didn’t think he could face Emma with the news so soon.

Hours later, Evan finished up his work in the office. Then, he got into his car and headed to Samantha’s house, ready to face whatever dreadful conversation was about to unfold.

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