Wings of Temptation - Evan's Tale - Book #2 of the Evan Matthews Series

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Chapter 9

Evan rolled over, squinting at the sunlight brightly shining through his first-floor master bedroom window. He stretched out his right arm over the empty spot in bed where, just last night, Amanda had laid. Although part of him wished she had stayed the night, he knew it was only delaying the inevitable. She wasn’t the one for him.

Quite frankly, he wasn’t sure if he’d ever find the one.

Evan checked the time on his phone. It had been a long time since he’d slept in until 9:00 AM. It was well past his gym time.

He slowly crawled out of bed and stretched his arms to the sky before throwing on a pair of black gym shorts, a white, over-sized t-shirt, and sneakers. Then, he headed to the gym after stopping at a local nutrition shop on the way for a protein shake.

“How are you, sir?” Evan nodded to an older man, who was slowly peddling a stationary bike while reading.

The man smiled at Evan, then focused his attention back on his book.

Evan climbed onto a treadmill, steadily increasing the speed from a walk to a full run.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a trainer by the name of Matt Jacobsen offering a private session to a blonde, busty female in her mid-twenties. They laughed often and seemed to be enjoying each other’s company all too well.

Evan smirked. A personal training session, my ass, he thought. I’m sure that’s what you tell your girlfriend.

Evan didn’t know Matt too well. He had only spoken to him a couple of times, but Matt spoke of his girlfriend in both conversations, each time bragging about how hot she was. In all honesty, Evan thought he was a cocky dick.

Evan finished his run, headed to the weight room, and saw Joe, who had helped spot him the day prior. He looked rough, perhaps having partied too much after he left the gym.

“Rough night?” Evan asked, grabbing two free weights and taking a stance beside Joe.

Joe nodded while keeping his gaze to the mirror in front of them. “Something like that,” he responded solemnly.

Evan continued with his workout without saying another word.

Later that afternoon, Evan stopped at the store to grab a couple of grocery items and then headed home. He put away his groceries, mostly consisting of ingredients to make his protein shakes, then sat at his computer. He usually didn’t invite women over two nights in a row, but in a way, he felt cheated last night, even though it was worth seeing Amanda for closure.

The zip code search defaulted to his own. Usually, he searched zip codes at least 45 minutes away from where he lived, and last night was a reminder as to why. Searching local zip codes was a surefire way to run into the same woman at a bar, beach, or even the grocery store. It had happened twice to Evan, and each time, both women were with their boyfriends, who hadn’t a clue to what their significant others did in their free time.

Evan moved his mouse to the search bar but stopped quickly when a new profile caught his attention. In the photo, a brown-haired woman with long curls had her back to the camera with arms raised high; her wrists chained in place by handcuffs. A tattoo of a faded red butterfly sat atop her naked butt cheeks. She didn’t have a profile name, which to Evan meant, she would be discreet, and by the looks of her profile photo, she’d be a lot of fun.

Do you entertain at home?

Evan typed the message and hit send. He waited, hoping for an instant returned message, but of course, she probably wasn’t that desperate. He moved the mouse to the search bar and typed in a zip code an hour away, scanning the abundance of profiles displayed on the screen.

Then, just like that, he saw her.

The moment Evan had been waiting for since he was fourteen years old went from being a fantasy to a possible reality in just a matter of seconds. It only took thirteen years.

Evan clicked the woman’s photo and leaned closer to the screen to get a better look at her face. It had to be her. Her magnetic features had aged only seldom, yet her long, wavy, brown hair was now shoulder length with streaks of highlights, most likely to cover the gray.

The woman went by the name of Sarah. Evan thought back to his visits to her office. Had he known her first name? It was at that moment; he realized he’d only ever known her as Dr. Nelson.

Evan hesitated briefly before selecting message me. It was now or never.

Are you interested in some company tonight?

Would she remember him? The profile didn’t display Evan’s last name, so she couldn’t identify him by that, but his features were still similar to the fourteen-year-old boy that fell in love with her. He had just matured a lot.

Moments later, his computer dinged.

She had responded.

Evan hastily opened her message.

I’d love some of YOUR company. Does 8:00 PM work for you?

Evan wasted no time responding.

Sounds great. What’s your address?

Four hours later, Evan found himself driving to what he hoped would be Dr. Nelson’s house.

Evan double-checked the address on Sarah’s message before turning into the circular driveway that his GPS had directed him to. He parked in front of the two-car garage, next to a white SUV.

That looks like something a therapist would drive, he thought. Here goes nothing.

A brick walkway led to a matching two-story brick exterior with black shutters framing each window. Evan slowly made his way to the stoop, attempting to gain his composure. He was usually sure of himself, but at that moment, he was terrified she would reject him again.

Hesitantly, he stepped up to the double doors and took two deep breaths before ringing the doorbell. As if releasing thirteen years of tension, Evan slowly exhaled, waiting for the door to open.

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