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A girl gets kidnapped Is her brain strong enough to escape the room?

Mystery / Thriller
Laiqa syed
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Rushing for school

Jessica was fast asleep under the covers .when she had the worst nightmare. She was being kidnapped. Waking up in a shock. She realised it was only a dream she looked around her room. Everything seemed normal but as she looked at her alarm clock. She had a shock of her life it was nine o clock and school started a half past nine. She quickly had a bath and put on her uniform. "Bye mum . Bye dad." "You forgot to eat," Replied Jessica's mum. "I'll make me cereal," replied Jessica. She then made the cereal realising she forgot to put on her shoes. She looked everywhere and only found one shoe and finally she realised to check under the bed. She couldn't see a thing so she turned on her torch light to find spiders, cockroaches and other creepy crawlies under her bed. She thought to herself I am not putting my hand under there. She ran to kitchen and grabbed the broom and pulled her shoe from the under the bed. She then washed her hands, grabbed a spoon and ate her cereal. Finally she could get to school so she went to say bye to her parents . After that she rushed to school
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